Fraternal Twins from Mixed Race Couples / by kevin murray

Fraternal Twins from Mixed Race Couples


Only in recent times, and specifically after the Civil Rights era of the 1960s, has miscegenation, or the intermixing of different races in marriage, become generally socially accepted within America.  This means, that now more than ever, there are more mixed race relations of all races within America, and these relations will produce offspring who would logically be considered to be of mixed race and those children will go on to have children of their own and so forth.  We can see this demonstrated in census and other government surveys to which more and more people embrace and identify themselves as being of "mixed race".


The skin color, the overall look, height, and facial characteristics that children will receive from their birth parents is dependent upon the mixture of the genes from each parent, to which those percentages are not the same from one birth to another, so that while brothers and sisters will have the exact same parents, their looks will vary, sometimes quite considerably from child to child.  Obviously then, In situations, in which a mixed couple procreates, the extremes of difference in look will be far greater in degree than from those that are married that are closer in complexion and/or of the same race to begin with. 


In America, there is a historic legacy of prejudice against minorities, in which in particular those of the black race have been treated poorly, in fact, a significant percentage of the blacks here in America can trace their ancestry back to the time of their ancestor's enslavement in America.  This type of historic prejudice against blacks is not the type of color prejudice that can simply disappear over a short period of time, and although it has been minimized significantly since the Civil Rights era, it still exists in this country today, despite whatever laws and Constitutional protections that are granted to all citizens, regardless of race, creed, or former servitude.


The thing about fraternal twins from mixed race couples that makes this area of social interaction, so intriguing, is the fact that these twins are born at the same time from the same parents and live in the same household.  This would imply that no matter the difference in skin color or general look that they will have, that all things being equal, if there was no skin prejudice or racial prejudice in America, whether one twin was lighter or more Caucasian looking, would not make any material difference in these twin's overall success and social acceptance in America, to which their accomplishments or lack thereof in aggregate would be approximately the same. 


This means that the study of fraternal twins of mixed race couples, especially in instances to which the twins have meaningful pigmentation differences in their complexion, should be looked carefully at, as the results of such a study would say a lot as to whether America is a country that lives up to its bold words of freedom and equality for all, or rather if America, mouths the words, but fails significantly in living up to that legacy.


The experience of America to date, which while making meaningful progress in racial harmony and equality since the Civil Rights era, is that far too often, people are categorized based upon the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character, and further to this, that this prejudice begins quite early and is systemic, persistent, prevalent, and insidious.