Your National ID# / by kevin murray

The government wants to track your whereabouts in everything you do and in everywhere you go.  A database or a population that is traceable is easier for the government to manage, to predict their predilections, to infiltrate, and to control.  The government is always outnumbered by the people, and those few that are the most powerful in any country are far outnumbered by the people, yet minorities of a minute percentage of people in conjunction with para-military and intelligent elements are able to keep the population pacified or constrained within certain acceptable boundaries for very long periods of time.  


The government wants you to be like lemmings.  Measures are passed in which your rights are protected only for your rights to be eroded over time.  Take, for instance, our standard social security cards which when initially issued in 1935, contained no separate identity numbers at all, but that was changed by the next year and even though this number was specifically set up to keep track of social security earnings and benefits that too would change.  While in 1946, cards were first issued with the specific warning that stated: "FOR SOCIAL SECURITY PURPOSES -- NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION"-- a warning so clear and specific that it should bring us a feeling of relief, that warning was removed by 1972.  This removal was a clear indication by the government that your Social Security# was no longer just for Social Security.  In fact, common usage of your Social Security# today whether you give out your entire number or just the last four digits includes but isn't limited to the following:


            Assigned at birth (1994)



            Cable companies


            Cell phone


            Credit cards



            Medical & Dental


            Credit Bureaus



If you don't give out your Social Security# to any of the above entities, you can expect that your application will either be denied, delayed, or processed very slowly, even though your Social Security# has never by law been assigned to you as your National ID#.   Your Social Security# is, though, for all intents and purposes exactly that.  But with computers and algorithms having never been more accessible and more powerful than they are today; the necessity of using anybody's Social Security# for identification purposes isn't valid.  All the same information that these organizations require to validate you could just as easily be obtained by your full name, birth date, and birthplace, with possibly a few other quick questions on previous addresses or miscellaneous information within a multiple choice format.  (I've already seen this exact format used online previously without having to provide my Social Security#.) 


The government sells you the illusion that it protects your Social Security#, your medical records, your tax records, your phone records, and so on and so forth from one agency from another, but if each of these agencies is using the same ID#, it doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to picture the government stitching this all together again for its own purposes.  If you believe that the government is your great benevolent friend, than no worries, but information is power, and information that you thought was private or proprietary is even more powerful.  When the government has enough information to compromise you or a family member or someone of significance to you, they then have the ability to manipulate you, to coerce you, to find you, and when the government's back is up against the wall, they will not hesitate a moment into using you, to protect the ruling class and the power brokers. Your National ID# is like a permanent tattoo on your body, you are born with it, you will die with it, and you can never escape from it.