The Bilderberg Group / by kevin murray

Who doesn't remember the notorious Mafia meeting held in Apalachin, NY in 1957 in which some of the biggest mobsters got together at Joseph Barbara's home in upstate New York to have a meeting to discuss outstanding issues about various criminal enterprises and to smooth over potential internecine warfare.  On surface, the meeting seemed brilliant; to get together with the significant players that could make a deal, shake hands on it, and to come to consolidated agreements about whom, what, and where.  The unforeseen problem, however, was the meeting was held in the middle of nowhere and the expensive cars that rolled into a small community was a massive red flag, encouraging the local police to investigate and thereby to raid the meeting, with the upshot that the biggest Mafiosi in the United States were identified and detained, exactly the type of outcome they most feared.  Instead of a quiet, secluded meeting, the Mafiosi got the type of publicity and notoriety that is very bad for business.


Around that same time period, the first Bilderberg meeting was held in Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands.  Just like the Mafia having their agenda, so do these gentlemen and ladies who represent the biggest and most powerful bankers, politicians, and businessmen in America and Europe, who together map out strategies and think sessions about how best to use their influence, their money, and their power to keep them at the controls of any significant actions or events that will influence their spheres of power and maintain their control of the keys to the gate.


People in power do not willingly give it up, and groups of powerful people working together will consolidate and crystallize that power so that in aggregate they are the only true force that matters in the western hemisphere.  When Jeff Bezos (CEO Amazon), Robert Rubin (Secretary of Treasury 1995-1999),  Eric Schmidt (Chairman, Google), Timothy Geithner (Secretary of Treasury 2009-2013),  amongst over 100 more international and national personages of the highest and most influential caliber get together at the Bilderberg conference of 2013 in which the media is not invited,  you should be concerned.  These aforementioned people do not have time to waste with trivial pursuits, their agenda for more power is clear, these are the true insiders and power brokers that make the deals that influence our lives for better or for worse.


The Bilderberg group does not consider themselves to be evil, they believe instead that their interests in working together with other powerful leaders of other nations makes for a safer and saner world in which they are all in agreement that we can no longer afford the human and damaging material costs of our previous European World Wars of the prior century. But there is a huge price for this largesse of protection; in return, the Bilderberg group most fervently desires a passive and docile population.  A population only too happy to sacrifice freedom of choice, true liberty, and free thought, for a life in which each person is assured food, shelter, mindless entertainment, and some sort of dead-end job.