Is Big Oil Evil? / by kevin murray

The liberal mediaand crazed environmentalists would have you believe that big oil is the biggest threat to our climate, our earth, and our humanity.  They would have you believe that these are rogue companies that have no legitimacy in our democracy.   Yet it amuses me while they froth at the mouth and pretend to present unbias facts, that they are hypocrites and liars of the highest order.   The liberal media bends and presents information in which they show one side and distort the other side.  This is bad newsmaking and quite frankly this is propaganda.


I don't have any real love for big oil, but I also recognize their necessity and their usefulness.  Without big oil and what hydrocarbon products bring to a modern society, society as we know it, would simply cease to exist.  Our standard of living without readily available and price competitive oil would plummet to levels that we have not seen in over 100 years.  So I certainly would never throw out the child with the bathwater.  The United States needs big oil but just because we need big oil doesn't mean that big oil necessarily plays fair.


On the plus side, oil is the engine that runs America, and this is demonstrated by the fact that three out of the top five companies in gross sales are oil companies.  Additionally, it is the oil companies that are also the top three payers in tax revenues on a yearly basis to the government.   On the negative side, oil companies pollute, lie, corrupt internationally, lobby, consort, and push their weight and power around on a global basis. 


But herein lies the problem with the critics of big oil.  They would like to replace big oil with renewables such as wind, solar, and geothermal.  The fact of the matter is that these alternate or so-called renewable energy resources today make up less than 2% of our energy usage and they will never be anything other than a fringe energy source for communities within America.  Each of these renewables also has its own negative environmental impact, an inconvenient truth ignored by their supporters.  There is only one energy source that can put a sword to oil, and that is nuclear, there are no other sources besides this, yet most environmentalists put their heads in the sand about nuclear and deliberately choose to ignore its usefulness.


For those that are concerned about big oil and its carbon emmissions, its contribution to climate change, its pollution and corruption, those that see big oil as evil, they must have the courage to step out of their self-induced caves of ignorance into the bright rays of a proven energy source which can handle the demands of America and reduced considerably our dependence on big oil.  If the fear-mongers would wake up from the  haze and daze of their mass delirium, they would recognize that their pretend world of pastoral little wind farms, sweet solar panels, and delightful geothermal ponds, doesn't exist.     It didn't work for Thoreau, and it won't work now.