Homeland Security and 1984 / by kevin murray

There isn't a thing I respect about Homeland Security.  Certainly not the departmental name, nor its utility, nor what it represents.   Homeland security is a colossal waste of the taxpayer's money, it's a disgrace to America and its ideals, and it serves no purpose but to propagandize the American public that if not for Homeland Security we would be in some sort of dire straits.  What absolute bunk!


While the terrorist attack of 9/11 was certainly tragic and unfortunate, it was not an attack on American soil similar to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, in which Japan had a real air force, a real army, a real navy, munitions, monies, and desire to take war to the USA.   The terrorists of 9/11 were very successful in their mission but hardly a continuing threat to our sovereignty, our country, our principles, or our people and haven't been so since 9/11.


George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984, was incredibly far-reaching, far-seeing, and prescient, and we owe an deep debt of gratitude to George Orwell for showing us the future that we should be actively opposing.  Unfortunately, though, Big Brother is here today, alive and well in our Department of Homeland Security and Big Brother isn't going away anytime soon.


For our protection we are told that we need cameras so that we can always know what is going on around us, and Homeland Security is quick to point out to us anytime those cameras are successfully used to prosecute notorious criminal acts such as the Boston Marathon bombing.  This is done purposely to send a direct message to the general public that Homeland Security is here to protect us and that we should be grateful for this vital protection.


In America, we are always in a state of war whether domestic or foreign.  For instance, we have the ongoing war against drugs, allowing the United States to continually beef up on more military weapons and personnel in order to protect us and to eradicate this scourge which we have been fighting since 1971.  Our longest international war is against a foreign nation far from home, impoverished, under-populated and destitute, but America keeps fighting Afghanistan year after year since 2001.


Homeland Security delights in selling the story that if not for Homeland Security we would have been attacked again and again by terrorists on our soil with thousands of Americans either lying dead or injured.   Homeland Security would have you believe the lie that because of its monitoring of Americans that it has saved thousands of lives, of terrorist attacks thwarted or prevented.  The more that the public swallows lies such as this, the more lies we will surely get.  While it is conceivable through all of its meddling in private American business, that Homeland Security, may have done something to prevent an attack that in of itself hardly justifies its existence.  If America by its acts, by its laws, by its behavior, no longer is the country of true liberty and the pursuit of happiness, than America has already ceased to exist and is just a shell of its former glorious self.


Homeland Security is un-American, detrimental to Americans, and a disservice to the traditions and honor of America.  It isn't needed and it isn't wanted.  America is too powerful of a nation to collapse from without; our only fear lies within.