Surrender / by kevin murray

One of the key words in the Christian religion is surrender.  It’s a word that people often don’t want to hear, especially in a country in which freedom is held in such high respect and is so prominent, but God doesn’t demand that you surrender to Him.  God only suggests to you that you surrender to Him; this will bring you the peace, the satisfaction, and the love that you seek.


The Christ story is an amazing story because it doesn’t fit in well with our perception of what a King should be all about.  A king who dies crucified?  Like a common criminal?  Christ was no rebel, was certainly no threat to the Roman Empire, nor was he a particular threat to the Jewish religious hierarchy.  There really wasn’t anything about Christ that couldn’t have been worked out.  Christ sought no earthly power; He came to save His people, to bring salvation to the world, and to show that path and that way to the people.  Christ spoke in parables, not to confuse the population, but to give them the opportunity to quietly contemplate and to savor upon his words and their inner meaning, in which their full enlightenment is revealed by God’s grace.  The truths that Christ taught are the timeless and eternal truths that are the foundation of life itself and the cornerstone of understanding God and His wisdom.


Christ’s crucifixion was not only to fulfill scripture, but to show the truth that God, God above all, knows the meaning behind the Passion play.  If Christ merely died a physical death, his life would have been a tragedy and a prime example of man’s inhumanity to man; but as Christ struggled down the path to Golgotha, having been scourged and beaten, and ultimately to meet his physical death by crucifixion, He also was to bring salvation to man.  Christ demonstrated that His sacrifice, should also be your sacrifice, that His surrender should also be your surrender, that in order to be one with God, you must dissolve your will into God’s will.  The body, after all, just encloses the soul; the body by nature cannot escape the ravishing of either time nor of death, nor can it overcome the laws of the physical form.  The soul, however, can either grow towards God or shrink away from God, or even to seek banishment from God.


However, the story doesn’t end with the crucifixion of Christ, as that merely set the stage for the re-emergence of the victorious Christ.  AChrist that could not be vanquished, could never be vanquished, could never be destroyed, could never be silenced, could never be defeated by man’s law.  Christ rose again in three days to fulfill the prophecy and to demonstrate to the world and to all mankind, that complete surrender to God, binds you entirely with God, makes you one with God, makes your soul and spirit entwined with God, so that there is no differentiation, there is only the truth and the love of God.  Only in surrendering to God, can we become truly in one body with God and fulfill our true destiny to be one with God.