The Hypocrisy of being Pro-Abortion and Anti-Smoking / by kevin murray

Life is full of plenty of hypocrisies that have glaring holes in them; I'm going to concentrate on one of the most blatant examples of pure hypocrisy which is those that are adamant supporters of a woman's right to chose and at the same time hold a viewpoint which is vehemently anti-tobacco.  Those positions are not consistent to each other and the implication of this has disturbing consequences.


Per current American law, a legally-aged woman is the sole determinant of whether she desires to have an abortion or not, subject to certain State laws.  Currently, it is estimated that around 90% of all abortions are performed within the first trimester, in which a trimester is defined as the first twelve weeks after gestation, even though it's general accepted that at eight weeks the embryo has become a fetus.  Being what that may, the abortion laws are clearly written in a way that it is the woman that controls the decisions about her body in regards to the embryo or the fetus that she carries within.   It is the woman that is the master of her own body, enough so, that she has the legal right to terminate a potential and viable life within her own uterus.  This means as a consequence that the embryo or fetus that she carries within her has no rights, subject to certain States' restrictions. 


In regards to smoking, in general it's legal to smoke at age eighteen, although there are exceptions to this rule, with the most notable exception being in NYC in which the smoking age was recently raised to 21.  There are in addition, quite a few restrictions associated with smoking which varies from state-to-state or county to county, or community to community, such as: prohibition of smoking in public places, such as bars, restaurants, and some public housing; prohibition at work, and even prohibition in public outdoor places.  


The ostensibly primary reason that a woman is allowed to abort a fetus legally is that it is her choice, it is her body, yet that abortion will terminate with prejudice a potential human life.  A person, who smokes, however, may or may not harm their own physical body by smoking, depending on numerous factors, yet the restrictions on smoking are increasing, it appears, day by day.


In fact, those that are pro-abortion and anti-smoking are also quite restrictive on most other things.  They are for carbon emissions restrictions, mandatory health insurance, re-distribution of income, stricter health standards, and always and forever more restrictive laws, more restrictive regulations, and more restrictive penalties for those that do not conform to their specific form of thinking.


The truth of the matter is that those who are pro-abortion and anti-smoking, are pro-abortion because they do not want "those other people" to have children; their feeling is that there is enough poor, unintelligent and morally inept people already, that it is therefore their higher duty to see that those misguided people don't add to our collective misery by accidently procreating while in reality all they really wanted to do was just have some sex.  As for smoking, well, that is something that is so uncouth, so dirty, smelly, and disgusting, that it shouldn't be permitted at all, or if permitted, should be well hidden from the public.


Those that are pro-abortion and anti-smoking are in fact, promoting their own sick utopian society.  In that society, everyone will know their place, and everything will be controlled just so.