Big Government/Big Business wants gun control / by kevin murray

Gun control, or the lack of gun control, consistently makes newscasts and mass media outlets day after day, week after week, in which the proponents of gun control won't let this issue go, and probably never will, until their overriding agenda of gun controlled is fulfilled in one form or another.  While the supporters of gun control cross all lines, from rich to poor, from liberal to conservative, across all color lines and most religions, they core make-up of gun control advocates are made up of the following:


·         Police/Military

·         Government (local, state, federal)

·         Liberals

·         Conscientious objectors

·         Mass media liberal press

·         Big money corporations

·         The superrich


The obvious reason why police forces support gun control is so that they, the police, can have control of the resident population.  If all the guns, weapons, tactical skills, and infrastructure are held by the police, the population will have no choice but to submit since any other decision would mean imprisonment, injury, or death.  Government agencies on all levels support gun control legislation so that they as our elected or selected bureaucrats can decide what is best for the population at large.  As always, liberals are essentially socialists in whom they willingly sacrifice personal liberties to the state, because the state provides them material benefits and security.  Conscientious objectors believe in gun control not just for the individual but also for the state itself, in which their belief is that there is no moral right to kill.


Behind the mass media liberal press are the big corporations that control their editorial output, and behind those corporations are the superrich owners who do their best to control their domain and to subdue the population.  Why would so many of the superrich and huge conglomerates be so strongly in favor of gun control?  The answer is straightforward: the police, the military, and the government work hand-in-hand with the superrich and their conglomerates because each is dependent upon the other in a symbiotic relationship.  The superrich are persuasive proponents of gun control , as opposed to owning their own personal arsenal, because they know that they will always be protected by the police and government agencies. 


The superrich fear the general population and therefore desire for the police to keep the dogs at bay.  The police answer to their puppet masters and desire that the population be disarmed or unarmed.  The liberal mass media press makes sure to stoke the fires with stories of accidental deaths by children using unattended firearms, or shoot-outs at schools, in which their cry is always "we have to do something about it".  The liberals don't like guns because nice people don't use them against each other and we should all be nice to one another.  The government wants the population unarmed so that they can more easily control massive populations without fear or revolt, retribution, or retaliation.


Essentially, big government and big business want gun control because when you tear off the cover it is still the law of the jungle out there and they want the guns in their hands--not private hands.  America gained its independence from Great Britain, not by words, not by abandonment, but by the force of arms.  He, who has the arms, has the power, and he who has the power, makes the rules and enforces its law.