Don't criticize the hand that feeds you / by kevin murray

As more and more people are employed by government agencies either directly or indirectly, the free flow of ideas, criticisms, advice, and open conversations, is reduced considerably.  Man, naturally has an inborn desire of survival, which virtually supersedes most everything else.  There is a strong component in most people's lives that taking care of one's family, one's livelihood, one's career, is the first and foremost responsibility that a man has.  Consequently, in this need, one is going to be somewhat reluctant or reticent in actively or vocally criticizing the very powers that are providing your employment, or your housing, or your benefits, or your health, or your food.


Wrongly or rightly you are hard-pressed to knockdown or to desire to remold the edifice that provides you with the material necessities of life.  As more and more Americans are dependent upon government welfare for their survival or for their aid and assistance, their voices are often united in their requests for the continuation of what they are essentially dependent upon, and those that work for those government agencies providing such services are only too eager to comply with their requests as government agencies have a self-serving desire to maintain, if not to expand or in essence to grow each and every year.


As the people will always have needs, the government agencies will always have ways to justify their necessity in fulfilling these needs, especially when each of these entities are able to call upon the public dole for more, more, and more.  It is then no wonder that the growth and reach of our government continues to expand.  Additionally, each side of the equation has a vested interest in the continual success of the other party; as the government wants to believe that only they can successfully and fairly resolve societal problems to the underclass, and society appreciates a hand that gives out while asking for little or nothing in return.


But our present system has a very fundamental flaw and that is, those that either are paid directly or indirectly as government employees, and those that receive either directly or indirectly their particular handouts, have no vested interest in criticizing or changing the system, and the more people that are involved on both sides of this symbiotic relationship, the more ingrained that it becomes.  You cannot expect that those that benefit from our current way of doing business will argue for its replacement or for its destruction and therein lays the problem.


It isn't too surprising then, that those that benefit from the public dole are going to be wont to criticize it.  In fact, you can expect them and their compatriots to vociferously proclaim all of the benefits of their programs and none of the downsides.  Those that work or benefit from the government are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.  Instead, they will eagerly get down at the feeding trough and slurp and slosh their way to satiation.  For them, they see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. 


Things in motion have a tendency to stay in motion, until such a time as it is hit by an unbalanced and unexpected force.