Take the profit out of war and save American lives / by kevin murray

Business is pretty straightforward, if you don't make any money, you will go out of business, if you break about even, you can continue in business, and if you make good money, not only will you continue in business, but you will have the opportunity to grow your business, become more influential because of your business, and reap all the ensuing benefits of having your business.     Additionally, businessmen aren't stupid, they and their money will gravitate to areas in which they can make money, the gross margins are good, the account receivables are solid, growth rates are promising, and the money is steady.


Uncle Sam pays exceedingly well and is the biggest player in the pond by far.  Doing business with the US government and other government entities is an almost certain way of getting paid consistently and well, with solid profits to boot.  But not every enterprise should be structured as a profit-making business, in some cases because it's unseemly to make money, for instance, in a charitable or humane based causes. However, somewhat remarkably, war is one of those enterprises in which profit is made, but really it shouldn't be, because the primary business of war is death and destruction, and that isn't something that should be profited on.


The question must be asked, how is it that the most powerful country in the world, which is realistically threatened by nobody or no coalition of countries, seems to get into war after war, incursion after incursion, year after year after year.  This only happens because there is profit in it, a whole lot of profit in it, for the business of war.  American defense entrepreneurs are in the business of making money and maintaining growth in both earnings and size, with Uncle Sam being the enabler of these enterprises time and time again.  These companies can always come up with something bigger, better, more accurate, more state-of-the-art, more modern, and so on, because man's ingenuity isn't limited by much of anything.  Our biggest defense contractors will never tell the government that they are fresh out of ideas, no longer in need of any additional funding and they will never walk away from the money that Uncle Sam has in abundance.  These enterprises want their fair share, in fact, they demand it.


However, if your take the profit out of war, you will change the paradigm.  While there may be myriad ways to take the profit out of war, the simplest way is merely to keep things exactly the way they currently are, with one fundamental change, a law that is enacted which states straightforwardly and to the point: "The dollar amount of defense contracts accrued within the current fiscal year at said company will be divided into the total amount of dollar sales for that company as a whole.  This percentage figure will then be multiplied against the ordinary business income of said enterprise, in which that final dollar amount will be forwarded as the rebated compensation to government agencies in proportion to the specific government contracts accrued within that subject fiscal year."


While, no doubt, the enterprises being impacted will raise a stink and cry about the unfair taking of their profits, it would only be fair to point out, that they shouldn't be in the business of profiteering on the real-world blood, sweat, tears, injuries, illnesses, sacrifice and ultimately the death of our American soldiers.