No Trespassing / by kevin murray

In general, I don't have a problem with no trespassing signs in regards to private property, especially if that private property was honestly achieved through hard work and toil.  Of course, if I was surrounded in my entire town by property signs that stated "no trespassing" I would probably take offense at that, but in general it's a non-issue, because typically the parks, the streets, the stores, the restaurants, the entertainment facilities are all open to the public and that's basically what I am after.  However, when it comes to government "no trespassing" signs, whether that government is local or national, I do take offense.  While I can understand a no trespassing sign and fencing being utilized to protect the public from areas in which there is a danger involved such as munitions or poisons or unstable grounds, when the no trespassing sign is essentially put there to keep the public out as if it isn't any of their business, as if they are a nuisance, that's wrong.


It's wrong because that is public money, being utilized for the public trust, and as a member of the public we do have not only a right to know what is behind that fence that states "no trespassing", but a right to visit that area, even if dangerous, when providing proper notice and under conditions that are safe.  It is important to recognize that there should never be an impression that there are two countries or two classes in America, such as the class that is privy to inside information and all that it entails, and the class of 'suckers' that are basically fleeced or taken advantage of to pay for it.


I do believe that public areas that are held in trust for the public but that display "no trespassing"  signage to the public should have readily available information as to what exactly is in that particular area and why we aren't allowed to see what is behind the door.  Our government, need keep few secrets from the public, and should in fact have an open policy of providing pertinent information to the people. I especially find disconcerting that "flunkies" are often in charge of scaring off people that are either' trespassing' or too close to "no trespassing" areas in which there is a misimpression that these areas aren't answerable to the people.


It is absolutely critical that the public has the right to roam through their country and to not have to step aside for arbitrary displays of governmental overreach in regards to public access to areas that we should at a minimum have a right to know, and even better a right to travel through.  Anytime, the government is handling something for the public trust, we, the people, should be able to access that trust, to validate it, to understand it, to photograph it, and to experience it. 


This is supposed to be a country for the people and by the people, in which we have a right to know what is really going on in those "no trespassing" areas, and a right to verify the activities therewith.  The more secretive our government is, the more secluded that it acts, the more that we can be assured that something wicked this way comes.