Tattoos on vehicles / by kevin murray

As reported by in 2012, one in five adults (21%) has at least one tattoo on their body, in which tattoos are considered pretty much to be permanent body art, although there are ways to remove a tattoo should you be so inclined in the future.  While there are a multitude of reasons why people get tattoos, certainly one of them is to express yourself and to establish yourself as your own person. 


Cars are considered by many to be status symbols, and that they often identify you as a certain type of person or clique.  For example, most drivers of a Toyota Prius would be seldom identified as beer-swilling rifle-toting redneck backwoods people, but perhaps if you were driving a certain Ford pickup truck that might describe you to a "T".


But when you look around at vehicles on the road today, pretty much the only vehicles that you encounter with "body art" are business vehicles for flower delivery, plumbing, trucking, or whatnot.  You do see some cars that are "tricked out" but that often cost a lot of money in regards to wheels, rims, headlights, stripes, spoilers, or certain paint jobs.  The only real "body art" that I see on some vehicles are bumper stickers which do make a statement but hardly brings status or envy about your vehicle.  So I ask, why not tattoos for cars?


The really sweet thing about tattoos for cars, is the fact that should you have a change of heart, or sell your vehicle, it isn’t all that difficult to re-paint your car to cover up or modify this art, should it come down to this.  The best thing about tattoos for cars is that it gives you the opportunity to uniquely express yourself on the road in which you can make your own statement, and put your own imprint on society.


Cars are a great canvas in which to create this art, and the shelf-life of cars are finite enough, that as you migrate from one stage to another in life, you can amend your desire for what you want to present on your automobile.  This isn't about putting together a unique paint job, or coloring scheme, which has its place, but instead creating something that means something to you and that will allow you to express your individuality or status in such a way that it brings you a certain satisfaction while contemplating it.


Like any trend, this has to start somewhere, with someone or some people taking this concept and running with it.  Out of all the material items that you purchase in life, typically the second most expensive will be your vehicle, and for people from the ages of 18-30, your car purchase is the single biggest purchase that you will probably make.  By definition, cars are driven, they are exterior status symbols.  You may have friends, business associates, that never visit you at your home, or your apartment, or your crib, but they know you by your car. If you have body tattoos they might not ever see those tattoos, but they will see your tattoo on your car, so make it count.