The Coming Riots in America / by kevin murray

Many people have never heard or seen riots in America, but they have been here, as recently as 1992 in Los Angeles, after the Rodney King trial in which the white police officers were acquitted of the beating of Mr. King and riots soon broke out from the outraged public.  These riots in LA which lasted nearly a week, and as reported by eventually entailed the usage of more than 9,800 California National Guard troops, over 1,100 Marines, and 600 Army soldiers in support of the police in Los Angeles in order to successfully curtail the violence in Los Angeles, which resulted in the deaths of more than 50 people, with over 2,000 injured, and property damages of nearly $1 billion.


Previous to this time, during the 1960s, there were the infamous Watts riots, in Los Angeles in 1965, in which there were 34 deaths, it was estimated that more than 2,000 were injured with an additional 4,000 arrested, and the National Guard had to be called in to quell the violence.  In Detroit, in 1967, there were 43 deaths, it was estimated that more than 1,200 were injured with over 2,500 businesses looted or burned, and the National Guard, state police, and Army soldiers had to be called in to quell the violence.


These riots will in retrospect appear as if walks in the park, when compared to the coming riots in America which will rock the foundations of this great country.  The problem that the United States has is fundamentally that the "great society" that LBJ hoped to create on behalf of the poor and the oppressed, has not come to fruition.  Instead, what we have is a society divided, in which a significant minority of our population today exists in virtual every American major city, by which these people survive solely from the handouts from Federal and state programs.  These handouts encompass the scope of health, shelter, food, education, benefits, and miscellaneous items to people who are either unable to work, or unwilling to work, and are often poorly educated.


Currently, all is essentially well within our American underclass in general.  That is to say, the benefits and welfare that they need is often provided to these impoverished people in such a manner as to keep them quiescent and somewhat satisfied.  The problem though is what happens when the wheels fall off of the machine, and they will fall off at some point.  In that type of situation, and please understand that our government, our police, and our military are not stupid, so that given the choice between us and them, they will protect themselves and attack us.  Not everyone, of course, but they will target everyone and anyone that is a threat to the system, to their existence, and in particular, they will target the powerless in order to control them, and if necessary, to annihilate them.


When you are the underclass you are living hand to mouth, benefit to benefit, therefore you have little or nothing stored away and when this is suddenly truncated, when your food is in short supply, and your electricity is cut off, you will take to the streets and the response from our police and military apparatus will be swift and it will be deadly. 


America is now a country in which more than one generation has lived without employment, without job skills, and without hope.  When you take away these people's sustenance, because of a "dust bowl", or some other unexpected or unexplained natural disaster, this underclass will not go down easily because they have nothing, and therefore have nothing to lose. 


The coming riots will be huge, they will be ugly, and they are inevitable.