Tyranny in America / by kevin murray

America was founded and established by essentially peoples escaping from religious persecution, which wished to worship their God in a manner in which they would not be interfered with, and would also give these same people the necessary religious freedom to pay homage to the One that created them in His image.  There were also others that came to America for the adventure, for the challenge, for a new start, for the new frontier, and to embrace this far country.  Through hard work, toil, sweat, and blood, a new nation was formed that would become the United States of America.  That nation founded as a republic in 1776, was initially a bastion of great republican virtues, a nation that respected and celebrated pluck and virtue, but now it is a land that has re-established itself as essentially a meddling tyranny and Godforsaken.


Whether you recognize it or not, life has changed within America over the last few generations.  Nowadays, you are a fool to not know or to not believe that all of your email, all of your cellular phone conversations, and all of your public activities are being monitored and ultimately stored by the State and placed into massive databases for evaluation.  The State with its sophisticated spy apparatus, voice recording equipment, data retrieval, data mining, and intensive algorithm powers are working 24/7 to monitor and to interdict enemies of the State.


The State position is straightforward, if you are not part of the operation, nor part and parcel of the enforcing or monitoring of the operation, nor a "connected" elite that has immunity from the intrusiveness and effect of the operation, than you are subject to all of the State's actions to your person, to your property, to your employment, to your family, and to your life itself.   It is to the State, and to no one else, as to whether you are allowed the luxury of continuing to live life in America as if you are still free, still free to move about, still free to think, still free to write, still free to complain, but the State holds the ultimate power as to whether your existence will continue without harassment or whether your existence will either be compromised or extinguished.


A government that has the power, authority, and the money, to provide you with health, employment, housing, and food, is a government that has the power to take those very things away from you. In return for all this beneficence bestowed upon you, the government only asks in return, that should they need to avail you of your services that you will comply with their request with no questions asked. 


Our government holds all 52 cards, they can sell you the illusion that the game is fair, but it is most certainly not.  Today's governmental tyranny is basically benign for most Americans, maybe even welcomed from those that are too lazy and too complacent to care.  However, this great domestic and well-armed police force along with our well-trained military forces, can in conjunction with intelligence either manufactured, or obtained, be easily turned against its native population, and it's only a matter of time.