Domestic Terrorism / by kevin murray

Terrorism is one of those things, that gets a lot of our attention and gives us plenty of concern, but there are two types of terrorism, there is terrorism that comes from within our borders, and then there is terrorism that comes from outside our borders.  We like to believe that within our borders that we can control our own destiny that we are all one, but sadly we are not.


Domestic terrorism essentially has its roots in people that reside here who are powerless, frustrated, fearful of change, and have great and significant delusions of grandeur.  What breeds terrorism is people that feel that justice has not been served, whether correct or not, and further that there is no hope for these samepeople to effect change through our democratic process, so they turn instead to a terrible shortcut in the delusional hope that by so doing they will bring forth both change and justice.


The fatal misconception in domestic terrorism is their wrong belief that by harming innocents that they will somehow hold the higher moral ground or effect real change.   Domestic terrorists take it upon themselves that they have the right to harm or take the life of others, because in their judgment this is the punishment that need be meted out in order to bring forth the justice that they believe to have been lacking.  These delusions rest in individuals or in groups of like-minded individuals that somehow have closed their minds to the consequences of their actions and to the fairness of their same actions when it comes to other people and the harm that they will cause them. 


It is probably fair to say, that domestic terrorism effects no political change within the system, that is to say, that terrorists claim by their actions that they will make change, or bring attention to certain issues that will change, but in virtually every case, the negative consequences of said action, overwhelm the political agenda of the terrorists which seldom results in even putting forth an open dialogue about the issues that the terrorists are ostensibly so concerned about.  The fact of the matter is, by harming, killing, or wreaking havoc, you will effectively ostracized yourself from domestic society, even if elements within that society may have had some sympathy for your point of view.


Domestic terrorism is a difficult element to control, or to eliminate, without losing the essential being of what it is to be an American to begin with.  Within any society there are going to be certain people that are unstable, illogical, and poor at decision making, yet they too are Americans.  It is therefore essential and humane, to put forth the efforts and the programs to help those people to make better and more mature decisions, and thereby to not close the door on their hopes and aspirations.  A very dangerous man is a man without hope, without belief, and unloved, because when you truly believe it is you against the world, in which you are so right, and they are so wrong, bad things will invariably happen.