Education / by kevin murray

America wastes far too much money and resources on schools that do not do an adequate job in teaching students how to think, how to learn, responsibility, and moral guidance.  It certainly isn't a money problem because America spends billions on educating its youth, but the return on the dollar is poor, to which America consistently scores outside the top ten in virtually every educational achievement category against other countries in the world.


Hands down, the best way to educate someone, anyone, is one-on-one education that is to say, tutoring or home schooling with a competent teacher.  Anytime that you have a classroom of thirty students, there are going to be students that fall to the wayside because they don't concentrate, they aren't able to assimilate or to process the information effectively, they grow bored because the pace of the class is too slow, too erratic, or too disruptive, or they simply don't have a passion or an interest in the subject being taught, amongst various other pertinent reasons.


It is a grave mistake to punish good students, by slowing them down to the lowest common denominator of the class at hand, it is also equally a grave mistake to not make a full effort to provide to all students the basic necessities of education which amounts to having the functionality to read, to write, to do basic math, and to have a clear knowledge of social responsibility as well as a firm basis of an appropriate moral code.


The answer to most of our current problems within our school system, is to have a lot more of one-on-one education, a lot more of peer-to-peer interaction, a lot more usage of computers and specifically programs that will aid and abet learning, and a lot less of bureaucratic waste, wasted motion, and wasted resources. 


Our current educational program is broken and it will not fix itself.  It is a mistake to try to get every student to fit some sort of arbitrary mold to which the objective is for everyone to be just about average, to just kind of get by.  If we truly want our students to excel, to become educated, to achieve, and to utilize their God-given skills, they must be nurtured, developed, and motivated by hard work, discipline, and a deep desire to accomplish something of real merit.


Man could not have progressed so far, so quickly, without the great aid of tools.  In this modern age of computers and the internet, information has never been as readily and universally available as it is today.  A computer program will work for you, 24/7, it will be patient, it will be accurate, and it will help students to achieve.  Tutors are available for students through mentoring, through consultants, through the internet, through family, and through the school system itself, should it desire to set this up.


If the United States does not see that good education is important and vital to the continuing success of this country and for what this nation represents, America will fall back into chaos, and will dissipate, becoming just another country that degenerated and declined into failure and chaos.