Climate Change Hysteria / by kevin murray

To doubt, to reason, to think, to ponder, are all part and parcel of being a responsible human being.  Just because an authority, or authorities, or those that resemble authority say something or state something, does not make it a certainty, nor does it make it true.  When someone states that everybody does something, that everybody believes in something, that everybody knows about this something, you can rest assured that there is a hidden agenda involved and often that their reasoning and argument are weak, consequently in order to sell the illusion of their strength, they want you to question as to how you, one person, one individual, can possibly have the gall or the courage to stand up against everyone else!


When there is a massive and well thought out coordination between media, news reports, scientists, politicians, countries, social media, certain embedded corporate interests, you have an obligation to look behind the curtain and ask questions such as: who benefits and who is hurt from this hysteria, why are we being told this information ad nauseam, and what behavior or response are they expecting from us.  Unfortunately, the great desire of far too many governments is for the bulk of its population to question nothing and to simply obey, made far easier if the bill of goods is both well packaged, professionally done, and plays well to the gathering crowd. 


According to : "Over the last century, the average surface temperature of the Earth has increased by about 1.0o F" and that "Global mean sea level has risen 4 to 10 inches over the last 100 years."  Neither of these facts appears especially alarming, to which you can certainly argue the positives of having a slightly longer growing season for agriculture, while also making the common sense observation that the reducing of populations around low-lying lands and/or augmenting flood controls for lands that are surrounded by sea would definitely be prudent. 


However, like a slowly developing plot on TV, that isn't nearly good enough for those that are drumming up the hysteria of climate change which stipulates that climate change is primarily manmade and therefore can be reversed through a concentrated and sustained global effort, with greenhouse emissions caused by carbon dioxide and fossil fuels often being cited as the main villains.  As humans, we breathe in oxygen and expel out carbon dioxide, which fits in nicely with the true desire of the climate change enthusiasts which is a reduction of the human population, in order to save the planet!  Further to their cause is to change how energy is derived from this planet, with a de-emphasis, the phasing out, or the elimination of all fossil fuels, being replaced instead by the government-sponsored favored "renewal" resources. 


To accomplish these goals will take a massive coordination of populations at large, scientists, contractors, laws, and governments working together in a vigorous manner that will accept no quarter for dissenters.  Additionally, there must also be a reinvigorated and re-energized eugenics movement to eliminate or annihilate population components that are not to be part of this new world vision, this new world order.  This brave new world will consist only of those that follow in lockstep with the propaganda that is disseminated from our one world government, borders and countries will be a thing of the past because climate recognizes no border; and God is dead, welcome to land of your own making, welcome to hell.