Food Distribution for the Poor / by kevin murray

In America, we don't lack for food; its availability and its general pricing are excellent.  While we should be concern about food and good, clean water in a real emergency, for the most part we can take food for granted, because the process and logistics of food distribution are without parallel.  The long and short of it is, that we eat food that is about as fresh as you could possibly imagine giving that most of us neither live on farms nor have vegetable gardens or fruit trees within easy walking distance.  Therefore, we take the eating of food for granted, which is a fortunate attribute for Americans, but certainly has not been the norm in history, to which the fight for food and survival, has often been virtually the sole drive of human existence.


Today, there exist many countries or pockets within countries that lack both easy access to food or to clean water, and therefore starvation is a real and frightening problem.  One way to help alleviate this problem is to look at new and unique ways to feed populations.  For instance, fresh food is often both bulky in conjunction with limited shelf life, but food product life can be enhanced tremendously and compacted enormously when food is processed in such a way as to freeze-dry it or to dehydrate it which reduces the bulk size of the food to minimal and manageable dimensions which is the exact way that food is handled for astronauts.  For our military under "Meal, Ready-to-Eat" (MRE), food was created and packaged for a very long shelf life in that it was pre-cooked, consequently this food can be eaten without access to clean water, although the availability of water is highly desirable for its palatability and sustainability.


When it comes to easy access to food that will sustain human life, the main considerations should be cost and the logistics of accomplishing this goal, as compared to the far lesser consideration of taste, texture, or content of the food itself.  This should be a very high priority for our charitable missions along with anything else that can be provided that will help in the ease and usage of good, clean, sustainable water. 


The nutrients, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in food that are needed to sustain human life are known factors and consequently there isn't any reason why pre-processed food can't be utilize for not only short-term but in exigencies of need, for the long-term survival of humans.  In times of war, of disaster, of famine, of governmental corruption, of persecution, of civil unrest, it is needlessly inhumane for civilians to be starved to death.  It is therefore our duty, as the leaders of the free world, to provide the necessary assistance and the humanitarian aid to preclude the unnecessary genocide of certain peoples.


The right to food is a basic human right, we are fortunate to live in such times as to be able to provide food to all, and we should make it a high priority to see that we are doing all that we can to take care of our fellow brothers and sisters, in their time of need.