Your Soul Survives / by kevin murray

"Your Soul survives". These three words should mean the world to every man and every woman on God's good earth.  You are eternal, you will never die, and you will never be vanquished, destroyed, forgotten, or abandoned.  Your soul, the true you, is eternal, created by God, out of God, and is you. There was never a time when your soul did not exist, nor there ever a time when it ceases to exist.   Your soul is changeless, yet through its experiences it may take on many forms, much like water filling the vessel that it is poured into, or water changing in its constitution for a time as it becomes ice, liquid, or vapor.


Although too often mankind believes that its battles are of this earth, for this earth, in defense of their property, or their family, their life-body and their country, while actually battles on earth are solely based around your soul and its battle to return to its First Essence, anything that is accomplished here on earth that is gainful of that objective is a step taken forward which brings you closer to the throne of God.  In Matthew "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"  God Himself can build a hundred million worlds, all is in His power, and consequently our earth merely represents a proving ground, an opportunity and a test; nothing more, and nothing less.


Every time that you look into the mirror and truly believe that your physical body is all that ever was, and that is all that ever will be, you are living in an illusion, a mirage, a chimerical existence, debasing yourself in the false belief that from dust you were first created and to dust you will return.  That is only true for the physical form which cannot escape its physical destiny which is to return to its first essence, no matter how valiant a stand that you or others make, it is an universal law, that your physical form will disintegrate, decay, and suffer entropy over time, despite all that you do to extend it beyond time, your efforts will ultimately be futile, as time is your physical master and never your servant.


Great prophets come to this earth, incarnate for a purpose, which is to essentially teach or to remind all of us of the same lessons, the same instructions, again and again.  That master lesson meant for our salvation is that we are all One, one brotherhood, one God, one essence, and that all we seek for so diligently, that eternal happiness that we long for, the liberty that we are willing to die for to obtain, is contained in our Creator, He is that beacon of light, He is that hope, He is the alpha and the omega.


Governments may take our physical life, man may do the same, our health may fail us, accidents will occur, age will eviscerate us, bad things will happen, but through it all, forever, one law will never change, one law will never be superseded, one law no man nor principality can conquer, and that is our soul, which is us, our soul which is indestructible, everlasting, remains our true essence.  Remember well, these words, when the bell tolls for thee, in a twinkling of an eye, upon physical death you will break through the bonds of your physical encasement to recognize that your soul survives.