Black Abortion Genocide / by kevin murray

One way to control your population mix and your population growth is to reduce your procreation rate for all peoples or just for certain peoples.  This can be done through a myriad of ways such as: birth control, abortion, propaganda, and government mandates (e.g. one child per family).  In America, if you are of legal age to bear children, you may have as many children as you desire, subject to your ability to have adequate housing and the necessary creature comforts that maintain and sustain life.  A person's desire to have and bear children is based on numerous factors such as: fertility, education, background, religion, and age.   There is, however, no biological reason that I am aware of, that the race that you are identified with would be the controlling factor as to your fecundity.


Initially then, one would premise that the abortion rates for all races within America should be approximately the same, even taking into account the differences and disparities between  races, in regards to income, family background, religion, and education.  However, this clearly is not the case, in which according to, in America for every 1,000 births for white women there are 138 abortions, and for every 1,000 births for black women there are 501 abortions.  The ratio between 501/138 is a staggering 363% higher abortion rate for black woman as compared to white.  That type of abortion discrepancy cannot easily be explained by any mitigating or series of mitigating circumstances and on the surface appears both suspect and disturbing.


Since mankind is finite, that is to say, he is born and he must inevitably die, one way to control your population mix is to control the life and death of your citizens; but that type of government coercion brings an innumerable amount of problems.  Far better, perhaps prescient, is to somehow convince certain population segments to voluntarily abort their own offspring, thereby reducing the population of a particular demographic to suit those that support a specific goal.  Since abortion is legal for all races, it could be questioned that there isn't such a policy goal in mind, but the facts of the abortion rate for blacks disproves this point, in addition according to, an astounding "42 percent of women having abortions live under the poverty line", whereas only 15 percent of Americans as a whole live under the poverty line, so clearly abortion unfairly targets both the impoverished and blacks.


The government, its' lackey press and media, protest again and again that of course there isn't any hidden agenda for killing black unborn babies, that Margaret Sanger who was chairman of the Birth Control Council of America, which later changed its name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, was a strong advocate for eugenics (improve population by controlled breeding), but of course, that was before we all knew better.  Seems to me as Queen Gertrude said in Hamlet:  "the lady doth protest too much methinks".  Clearly, if you want to keep a segment of the population under your control, you do not allow them to procreate themselves at a normal rate.  Instead, you convince them, that their pregnancy is an inconvenience, a burden, an undesirability, and with a smile on your face and smooth words from your mouth, you persuade them that killing their unborn child is the right thing to do. 


It isn't.