Taxation is the Power to Destroy / by kevin murray

Chief Supreme Court Justice John Marshall stated in 1819 that: “an unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy; because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation.”  Taxation is a power which is so strong, that in theory, if unchecked, will effectively supersede all other rights that you have.  For instance, if in regards to the labor that you create and are compensated for, suddenly a law is passed, allowing the Federal Government to legally confiscate all of your labor produced, what then do you have?   Materially you have nothing and therefore you are in effect "enslaved" to the Government, in which it is their discretion which will determine what you receive in compensation, if anything.  If you own nothing, if everything you labor for is confiscated from you, but in return the Government provides you with free housing, free food, free transportation, and free healthcare, you are no longer a free man, you are in fact now subservient and dependent upon that Government whether justified or not.


Taxation of the general population as a whole is something that should be respected and feared, as George Washington said, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."  Without some form of taxation, or import duties, or estate tax, or tariffs, or the selling of public lands, the Federal Government has no money to operate on.  However, with these taxes, the Federal Government has the power to take away or confiscate from those that labor and redistribute that said money to parties or organizations that are in-favor, and to punish or to destroy people and parties which are out-of-favor.


The more money and assets that are taken from those that honestly produce them, the more power that is relinquished by those individuals to the Government, than the less freedom, the less mobility, and the less incentive to produce are received in return.  If everything that you produce or that you own is subject to confiscation, why continue to produce or to work at all?  The Government in and of itself, produces nothing, it may compel others to work for it, it may confiscate from others to help sustain itself, but Government is ultimately powerless without the labor or the material assets of others.


 The bigger that Government gets, the more that it has to take in order to sustain itself.  Even worse is a Government that is allowed the luxury of running deficits, in which case, the full taxation or confiscation is put off from today's generation only to be put on tomorrow's generation which has reaped no benefit from it, but will pay the penalty for it. 


America's entire battle for independence was based on the theory that it was not fair for the colonies to be taxed and to not also be represented in Parliament and therefore to have a voice in their own country.  However, in order to effect the collection of taxes, Great Britain increased the presence of their troops and the quartering of its troops in the colonies.  It was therefore the collective pressure of the new unjustified taxes along with the force to collect the taxes that led to the American Revolution.


The power of taxation is the power to destroy, it always has been and it always will be.  If what you labor for is involuntarily taken from you, then you are no longer master of your own self, no longer master of your fate, no longer master of your own liberty, but a tool in the machine of the Government.