The 9-11 Conspiracy / by kevin murray

There is something about secrets and the opportunity to receive and to divulge inside knowledge that absolutely enchants people.  Conspiracy theories have probably been around since governments were created by mankind and will be around as long as mankind has governments.  It's intuitive to believe that the less transparent and also the more secretive government agencies are, the more prone we are to believe in conspiracies.  Additionally, with our government having done all sorts of scandalous activities against other governments, not to mention our government having historically targeted undesirable peoples for relocation or worse, and the deliberate manufacturing and disclosure of "doctored" documents and the like, people have a right to be suspicious of their government and the things that they are told.  Quite simply: people lie, governments lie, people deceive, governments deceive, people will do preposterous things and so will governments.


However, when it comes down to the 9-11 attacks that took the lives of about 3,000 people, and injured many others both physically and emotionally, the conspirators have it all wrong, well wrong, and they dishonor the innocent civilians that died from those attacks and their families, along with dishonoring the brave police, firemen, and good Samaritans that lost their lives, and additionally they dishonor their own country, by believing and giving credence to a lie that has virtually no basis in truth.   


The lies that persist around the 9-11 terrorist attacks are meant primarily to put forth an agenda that is both anti-American and anti-Semitic, under the guise that those that perpetuate this 9-11 lie are true Americans for having brought this story to light.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is absurd, an incredible stupidity, to believe that the American government, for instance, first coordinated the 9-11 hijacked commercial airplanes to deliberately crash them into the World Trade Center, and then with perfect timing and precision set off hi-powered explosive charges within the towers to take them down. 


The only real thing that the conspiracy theorists get right is that the Bush Administration used the 9-11 terrorist attacks as a pretext to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, as opposed to a more reasoned response.  Additionally, and quite unfortunately, the 9-11 attack was used as an excuse to restrict our freedom and our rights domestically, all under the guise of big government providing us necessary protections from enemies that wish us harm, in which freedom and rights once taken, are difficult to get back. 


At the end of the day, though, we should also ask, who profits most from these 9-11 theories, and that answer would be those anti-Semitic voices that never wish to be silent, no matter how dubious their claims.  Trying to pin the 9-11 attacks on some sort of devilish Zionist conspiracy is a bold attempt to take the obvious truth and twist it inside out.  Yes, it's unfortunate that we and the western world are dependent upon Middle Eastern oil, and yes, it's unfortunate that we have an uncomfortable and uneasy relationship with the autocratic and totalitarian regime in Saudi Arabia, in which perhaps the United States fears upsetting this valued country that leads the world in oil exporting, despite the inconvenient fact that fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 9-11 were Saudi Arabians.


When it comes to the 9-11 hijacking and the tragedy that ensued, there is no conspiracy.  These attacks were successful beyond belief for Saudi Arabia's Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda.  People have forgotten, but should not have, that Tower One of the World Trade Center was previously bombed in 1993, by middle-eastern terrorists, in which this attack killed six people, and injured another 1,000, but the desire by these terrorists and their bombing was to bring the entire Tower down.  They didn't, at least, not on that particular day.