There Ought to be a Law / by kevin murray

There are plenty of people, plenty of politicians, plenty of lawyers, and plenty of bureaucrats, that honestly believe that what this country needs is more laws and more regulations and then, or soon thereafter, everything will be alright.  It simply isn't so.  While laws and regulations are put into place for various reasons, certainly one of the most irritating and wrong reasons is to create a law or regulation simply because you believe that the behavior or action that is being performed is so noxious, so annoying, or so inconvenient, that a law or regulation must be enacted because this particular behavior isn't currently illegal.  Consequently, over time, more and more laws and regulations are created, but in return for these additional rules, instead of approaching or coming closer to nirvana, we are in actuality pushed further and further away from serenity because of the denseness and obtuseness of our laws.


The creation of additional laws and regulations merely criminalizes or subjects people to fines, often of everyday behavior that isn't anything that is out of the ordinary.  When virtually everything that you may say or do is subject to an interpretation that makes it a criminal or a civil offense, you have imprisoned your citizens inside a wall of oppression.  Statements such as "we should obey the law", doesn't make any logical sense, since in order to obey something we need first to understand it, it needs also to be uniformly applied, and the law itself should be both sensible and necessary.


Too often laws or regulations are created, because they can be created.  Someone encounters something that annoys or irritates them, and consequently they believe that a law will somehow end or significantly modify that behavior and make for a better world.  Really?  You would far better off teaching, believing, and enacting the golden rule of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you," in which you, by definition, respect the other party and create a dialog, than to impose your will upon another. 


Too many rules and regulations are a prime example of government overreached, in which arbitrary and capricious laws criminalizes and alienates people that are guilty of nothing more than poor judgment or even less.  Too many laws allow the privileged people that regulate the law to control the people that do not.


Additionally, the interpretation of apparently even the most straightforward law is left to the courts to decide, in which far too often it is left to a single judge who with the stroke of a pen, can overturn previous case law, propositions passed by the people, or the judge can bend the law to come up with a new meaning of a particular law. 


If laws themselves are not stable, if laws themselves are not consistent, if laws themselves are not coherent, or sensible, or meaningful, or necessary, or equally applied, rather than being a nation of laws, that is under the law, we are instead a nation that has too many laws and rather than justice for all, it is a nation that has justice for none.