Immortality v. Eternity / by kevin murray

In the English language we often use words interchangeably that have similar meanings or concepts but in actuality there are often subtle yet important differences between the words.  For instance, immortality and eternity is not the same thing, although from a simplistic standpoint they seem to be about the same thing.  Within legends or certain genres, you will come across a character or god that is described as being "immortal," meaning that this entity will never die, that they are indeed "not mortal", but importantly this implies too that this particular entity or god was once born or created.  Whereas, on the other hand any time we come across the word eternal, this word signifies that it is everlasting, existing forever and importantly existing without a beginning or an end.  To be eternal is to exist without time, beyond time, to be in a dimension to which time is not applicable, whereas to be immortal, is to live within a world or a dimension, to which you are in essence trapped in time, never dying, yet never breaking free from the boundaries and the limitations of time.


Consequently, while any being that is eternal is also as an aspect of that eternity, thereby also immortal, since eternity can never be vanquished, it does not follow however, that an immortal being can ever become eternal.  This is because it is our Creator, who is the master of both time as well as space.  Most people take it as a given, that there is such a thing as time, to which time can be subdivided into a past, present, and a future.  In the world that we live in, this does appear to be true to us as human beings, however, as Einstein stated, "... for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."


This would imply that our concepts of both time as well as space have been created for the benefit of humans, and also apparently as an avenue or pathway for us to be drawn inexorably towards eternity, and thereby to escape the confines of a limited dimension.  For this reason, as well as for others, the Christ consciousness was brought forth in human form into our world.  The Christ consciousness existed before time, and has been and always will be eternal, in human form it was utilized by the messiah known also as Jesus of Nazareth.  This Jesus, whose human body was crucified, demonstrated to us by virtue of the empty tomb, that therefore our body is not, and will never be ourselves, that we are in essence, beyond our human body, beyond mere mortality, and if we only would reach out to the Eternal Bliss that is our Creator, we would thereby break free from the limiting delusion that we are separated from God, and that instead we shall know what we have always been, not immortals trapped in time and space on earth, but One with our Father, who art that guiding light, the True Light, from which all light originated, a Light without beginning and without end.