African-America Strength in Numbers / by kevin murray

There are about the same amount of Mormons as there are Jews in America, approximately 6 million peoples of each, whereas there are about 45 million African-Americans in the United States.  Yet, there would be few people that would categorically state that African-Americans have more strength or more influence than either of these two religious peoples.  In the case of Mormons, they are the dominant force in Salt Lake City, a metropolis of approximately 1 million peoples, in addition to the fact that the governor of Utah has invariably been also a Mormon for the last fifty-odd years.   The Jewish population is a major force in the most influential city in America, with over 2 million Jews living in New York City, to which also there are significant amount of Jews in Los Angeles, which is too a very influential and important city in America.  While there are plenty of African-Americans in cities throughout America, to wit there are close to 2 million African-Americans in NYC, their numbers do not equate well to real power or real strength within NYC or in many other metropolitan areas.


While there are many cities, that are majority African-American in their population, few of those cities are cities on the rise; almost all of them, such as Detroit, Baltimore, or Memphis are cities with deeply rooted problems of crime, poor schools, and poverty.   This means in a nutshell that despite the relatively large population of 45 million peoples in the United States, that African-Americans are for whatever reasons, often on the short-end of the stick in receiving the full wealth and benefits of living in the richest and most prosperous nation that the world has ever known.  Since it is a given that African-Americans will never be a majority within America,  yet it has been demonstrated by Mormons as well as by Jews and others, that sheer numbers are not necessary to obtain power and influence in America, African-Americans must avail themselves of accomplishing these vital tasks themselves.


To have a seat at the table of democracy in America, there is wisdom in the application of utilizing your numbers in the most meaningful ways possible.  The bottom line is that African-Americans are currently woefully underrepresented in the seats of power in our judiciary, in our legislative, in our corporations, in our healthcare, and in our higher educational fields.  In order to best rectify these numbers, African-Americans must make it a priority to seize the initiative by clearly establishing goals that will allow them to begin their assent up the mountaintop of success. 


African-Americans cannot sit back on their haunches, awaiting the Government benefactors to bless them, when too often the Government itself or its agents, has been the problem.   It is true that African-Americans should hold government in all of its many forms accountable for the raw deal that has often been dealt to people of color, injustice everywhere, will be halted when exposed to the true light of fairness and the relentless demand of a people that will not submit to wrongs that continue until this very day. 


African-Americans deserve better by their country, "… Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40)