America and its treatment of the Wretched Refuse / by kevin murray

Has America ever lived up to its great inscription on the Statue of Liberty, to be a beacon of life and of hope to the masses of not only the world, but within its own borders?  Too often, America treats its poor, its disadvantaged, its ill-educated, its limited opportunity residents, its minorities, its people that have the wronglook, the wrong address, and the wrong family structure, as if poverty is a crime, rather than a symptom of a systemic wrong within the United States itself.  Rather than giving each American citizen a true and fair opportunity to pursue happiness and to breathe the fresh air of invigorating freedom, too often the educational institutions, the welfare structure, police and justice forces, close the door on those that are designated as undesirable, too much trouble, or considered to be worthless to the State apparatus.  It isn't right, it's indeed a disturbing disgrace to the very foundational principles of this great nation, and it isn't necessary.


The judgment against the poor, against children that come from impoverished circumstances, live on the wrong side of the tracks, with few of the traits and capabilities that make for good habits and good decisions, is started at a very young age.  America gives up on its youth, before they are even given a fair chance to be an integral part of society, to become responsible and good citizens, because within the bowels of the American mindset there is a consensus that it is just cheaper and more efficient to simply treat certain segments of the American population as if they were nuisances that needs to be put under lock and key, or constantly monitored, or legally drugged up to pacify them, and then removed from society at large.  The United States takes the basic position, that a certain and peculiar portion of our population must be essentially treated as if they didn't exist or were never born.


Unfortunately, for America, this wretched refuse which is cast aside, continues to teem upon our shore, year after year, generation after generation, which presupposes that America needs to take a careful and considerate look at its institution itself, in order to determine whether there is something within America that contributes to this unfortunate state of affairs.  The answer will be found, that America is a nation that quits on its troubled youth, that quits on those that have difficult and trying circumstances, and that at no point does America truly give a fair account of itself to those that only ask that they be given the same consideration as if there were the "chosen ones" rather than treated as misfits, and beneath the dignity of our compassion.


Countries can be judged on many different attributes and metrics, but in reality, there is only one standard that any country should have to give account to, and that is whether that country was a true brother and a fair steward of its resources and knowledge.  Far too often, America treats its poor, those of the wrong complexion or religion, or family circumstances, or general cleanliness, as if they were God forsaken, and consequently shuns them, when, in reality, it is America itself, haughty and full of hubris, that has turned its back on its Creator, and will find that upon its day of judgment, it will be found wanting and consequently tormented in a hell of its own making.