Christ: the Master of the Physical / by kevin murray

The New Testament is full of miracles attested to Jesus of Nazareth, such as the healings of people possessed by demons, to the calming of the waves, to the healing of the blind men, and to the raising of Lazarus.  These miracles fulfill a solid foundation of what Christ meant to us, and what he continues to mean to us, which is that our Creator, through Christ, is the absolute master of this world and its physical phenomena.  When the Bible states in Matthew 21:21, that "if ye shall say unto this mountain, are thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done," this is no metaphorical statement of a dreamy prophet, but the absolute truth of our Messiah, because with the faith and the power of God, God and God's prophets are not limited by the physical laws of earth, because the earth is God's footstool.


Thomas Jefferson, he of great intellect and great wisdom, took it upon himself to excise the miracles of Christ from his New Testament, because he wished only to drink in the nectar of Christ's ethical teachings to the exclusion of virtually everything else.  Jefferson's lack of belief in Christ's miracles demonstrates either a serious lack of faith by Jefferson in the overall veracity of the gospels themselves or a desire to eliminate those things that he considered to be a sideshow to the truths that Christ illuminated and expounded upon.  However, our understanding of Christ is incomplete, if we do not comprehend the importance that Christ demonstrated time and time again, that our essence is not the physical, never has been the physical, and that the physical is but a temporary housing of our spirit, and our soul. 


Christ and his disciples wants us to know that the physical is just a vessel that carries the real you, your soul, and that therefore physical infirmities and physical death, are but temporal things.   To prove this very point, Christ again and again, shows his mastery over all physical phenomena, his forty days and forty nights fasting(Matthew 4:2) proves that the spirit commands the body.  Christ's power and belief made even the winds and the waves to be calm upon His command (Matthew 8:27). Finally, unlike medical doctors of today, or Shelley's fictional Frankenstein monster, Christ was able to raise Lazarus from the dead, four days later, because of His belief in the power of God (John 11:42-43).


Modern man wants us desperately to believe that we are slaves to physical phenomena that cannot change, that cannot be overcome, yet miracles today are performed each and every day, through the belief in the power of prayer, through God's grace, through miraculous occurrences that defy physical laws.  All of these miracles are signs from God, that we are not alone, that we are not forgotten, and that God reigns over all.  Still then there are others, who cry out that God has forsaken them, that in fact they do believe but that no miracles happen for them.  For these people, as for all of those of wavering or immature faith, it would be wise to remember that the fault lies not in our Creator, but in ourselves, that first we must clear out the beam that is in our own eye so that we can thereby take in the full illumination of the Light.