He, who lives by the sword, must die by the sword / by kevin murray

"Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." (Matthew 26:52).  This biblical passage carries an important lesson, both metaphorically as well as literally.  The fact that Jesus the Christ, could at the time of His hour, recognize and impart the truth that in His mission there was no place for Simon Peter to bring his own version of vigilante justice, but instead it was imperative that Peter understood the wisdom and placed his faith in God's law and justice, and not to rely on a tit-for-tat philosophy, demonstrated that Christ understood the fallacy of ever believing that the ends justify the means, or that fight was necessary to prove right.


Those that take up the physical sword in response to a perceived injustice, are destined to follow the sword's path which can only lead to further violence and bloodshed as well as often involving innocents into this display of arms that leaves a devastating trail of tears for many.  The Messiah wishes to impart the spiritual truth that man's way is often impulsive, retaliatory, quick to judgment, quick to justice, and lacks wisdom and faith in God himself.


There are many people that do not believe in the metaphorical wisdom that he, who lives by the sword, must die by the sword, because in their life they do not see this happening.  For instance, in everyday life, they may see a select few elites running riot over others, or an obvious physical injustice being perpetrated by one man against another, or the smooth talking of a slick con artist which fools a simple man.  All these are examples of people that are living one way, but appear to not to be suffering the consequences of their wrongful actions, in fact, they appear to be directly benefiting from them.


One must remember, however, that God is not a God that can be mocked, that for every wrong action there is an appropriate right action, and for every wrong, there is a path for righteousness.  Those that believe that you can fool God and God's law will in the end, receive their just desserts, as God's law is never subservient to man's designs or trickery.  So rest assured that the man that fooled and deceived you to get his way unjustly will ultimately face the music, one way or another, as God sees and comprehends it all, whereas man often only can perceive bits and pieces and thereby lacks knowledge of the bigger picture and of ultimate truth.


Peace and justice do not enter into the doors of this world through unjustified violence or knavery.  While there may indeed be a time to take up the sword, those that become beholden to the sword, miss the point that the sword in the hands of erring humans will often be used unwisely and to their ultimate destruction, should they not have the knowledge and wisdom to sheath the sword when its appropriate duty has been performed.  Our Messiah needed no human hands or weapons to defend Him, even to His death onto the cross, because the physical is never lord over the spiritual, as one is material and finite, while the other is indestructible and infinite. 


Choose today what you shall live to, as this becomes you.