Man Does not Love God because He Does not Keep his Commandments / by kevin murray

On any given day, it is commonplace to hear man complain about his conditions, his life, his circumstances, and his fate here on this good earth, to wit that the upshot is that life is unfair, full of injustice, and unsatisfying.     But man fools himself and does not need to look far to recognize that in the end, he has only himself to blame for his woes, because always the pathway to sanctuary is there, perhaps "hiding" in plain sight, but man seems unable to grasp this most basic, and most fundamental  of all principles.   Man is often dissatisfied, because man is unwilling to follow the divine map for salvation which is to keep God's commandments.   Man preaches loudly that he loves his God, but we know that this is certainly not true, because he too often willfully disobeys the very commandments that will bring to man peace and certain satisfaction. 


Great prophets have told us, Christ has commanded us, to love our God with all of our heart, and to love our neighbor as our self, so that within this philosophy is the truth that will bring peace and comfort to us and to our neighbors.  Instead, too many of us have a lust for power over other people, over property, over laws, over that our way should be the way, and woe to those that block our pathway!  Peace cannot be brought at such a price as this fundamental nonsense; we either grow together, or suffer through the inevitable indignities of ultimately seeing our egos thwarted again and again.


Mankind wastes far too much time, desiring to keep up with the Joneses, or checking out for themselves as to whether the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence, whereas neither of these activities can ever possibly bring real satisfaction or true joy.  The person that we will not get along with, is that person that we will have to meet time and time again, in one form or another, until there is that mutual respect and love that one man owes to his neighbor, this is the lesson that all must learn.  Much as like Jonah who willfully tried to flee from God's commandment to preach to the people of Nineveh, we too try to assert our free will day after day, escaping our true calling, as if our wisdom is a match for God's omnipotent wisdom.


Too often like the Pharisees of old, there are those that claim to be doers of God's word, but even if they appear to obey God's commandments, they achieve only the pretense of doing so, and never accomplish God's work in the Spirit of God Himself.  God calls each one of us, every day and in every way, to be our brother's neighbor, to give of ourselves to others, and to understand this most basic of all tenets, that all that we really are, is all that we give to others, such as our time, our advice, our guidance, our example, our patience, our devoted labor, and our love, and it is that legacy that enables us to be true participants in the building of the New Jerusalem.