We Should be Grateful that People Want to Immigrate to America / by kevin murray

As it has been said, "People vote with their feet," and despite some annoying negativities about America, to the world at large, America still does represent "the last best hope of mankind" and is rightly considered a bastion of both opportunity and freedom.  We, that live here, should be grateful for the blessings that America, its foundation, and its sacrifices by courageous and visionary men, has provided for us.  The golden gate of America must not be closed, because we are that true beacon of hope and of light to the world.


Within America there is a misconception that immigration takes away jobs from Americans and that they therefore add to our welfare rolls, that they add to our crime, that they don't have the right skills, nor the right language, nor the right behavior, nor the right God, and that don't respect our laws, nor our institutions, nor especially our border.  Not too surprisingly, according to gallup.com as of June, 2014, the majority of Americans want to see immigration to America to either remain at its present levels or to decrease, whereas only 22% of those polled, would like to see it increased. 


While I am incredibly sympathetic to those that argue correctly that our borders should not be violated by illegal immigrants, I do not believe that the solution to this is a more stringent and thereby a more oppressive border control.  Far better it is to understand why the illegal immigrants are coming to America in the first place, as well as being more pro-active in coming up with workable programs that allow an easier and a legal entry or pathway into America for students, as well as seasonal workers, as well as designated hired help or guest workers, that would thereby provide mutual benefits for all parties concerned.  Additionally, America has an obligation to provide monetary aid and knowhow to its neighboring nations that will enable these countries to grow their economy from within, to which we can provide our corporations with incentives and tax breaks to effect these changes.


When it comes to immigrants that are specifically well-off financially, the door to entry to America, should be wide open, as the business of America is business, to which if you find someone that wishes to "pay to play", assuming that they pass a background check, they should be allowed to immigrate here for a standard price, depending upon their country of origin, and net assets. 


For highly skilled immigrants, whether they be already educated, or in the process of applying for a higher education degree, or have a demonstrative skill-set, these potential immigrants should not only be embraced, they should, in fact, be encouraged to immigrate here.  America should be greedy for the best and the brightest to come to our shores, to be leaders in American industry, to be leaders in American education, or American justice, or wherever they may fit into the mix of American life, because we need them in order to maintain our status, our power, and our influence as the greatest nation in the world. 


America is a nation of immigrants, we should be proud that so many want to come from their land to ours, and to thereby be a part of the fabric that allows America to shine so brightly, we need them , we should want them, and we should be grateful for them coming to America.