Free speech and the politically correct / by kevin murray

America deservedly so, prides itself on its First Amendment, which stipulates that "Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech," which if it is to mean anything, means that all citizens within America are allowed to say and to write whatever that they should desire to say and to write, even to those that are high up in influence, or in politics, or in status, or in business.  Now, of course, just because you have the right to say something doesn't mean by doing so, that there will not be consequences in what has been said, for some words are "fighting words" and some words are not.  This then signifies that just because our freedom of speech exists, doesn't necessarily mean that we should just say anything that comes to mind, or even to purposely provoke or to antagonize another person.  Rather, freedom of speech follows clearly from each of us having the unalienable right of the freedom of conscience, and the best usage of that conscience as well as the words that are so spoken, should be to be of benefit to our fellow citizens and countrymen, as opposed to being ugly and vindictive, of which, there is an oversupply of that already.


However, it should be noted, that there are times when the opposing viewpoint needs to be expressed, or criticism of what someone is saying or espousing is absolutely warranted, of which, many people when faced with criticism or viewpoints that are diametrically different than their own, typically get rather defensive about such a response, and use all sorts of reasons as to why such criticism or counterpoints shouldn't even be vocalized.  This is unfortunate, for a world in which everyone nods their heads obediently in agreement, is a world of sheep, and if the shepherd of those sheep isn't right in their head in the first place, or in their decision making, then it will be very bad indeed for those sheep.  Instead, we need to remind ourselves that each of us are gifted with our own minds and our own thoughts which should be expressed, ideally, in a polite and respectful manner, but nevertheless, when appropriate, they must be expressed; for there are times when that expression necessitates being done in a more forceful and forthright manner or the right time for that action will simply pass by.


In any country, there is a status quo, of which the members and the beliefs of that status quo do not typically desire to give quarter to the other side, especially if that side is vocal, determined, and possibly right.  This means, that members of a status quo will go to great lengths to more or less control as much as is in their power to control and to silence, because it is their belief, basically correct, that an opposing voice and opposing words that are silenced or neutralized, helps keep them in control and in power.  Yet, it is exactly that status quo, or any organization, for that matter, that must be opposed, especially when they are either wrong in their beliefs, or have traded our freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, for their indoctrination and narrow-mindedness. 


Those that would stifle free speech and freedom of conscience, because they do not like what they are reading or hearing, have aggrandized onto themselves, a godlike power, that makes them above the people of this great country, as if they are better and more superior, but in actuality, they are wrong for that; for all are equally created, and all have the same unalienable rights, which no government or organization has the right to ever take away or to silence.