The color of His skin: Jesus / by kevin murray

There are all sorts of depictions and paintings of Jesus the Christ, of which, the complexion and look of Jesus varies considerably depending upon the artist, the country, the time period, and assorted other factors.  The one thing though, is that, perhaps as might be expected, countries that are predominantly Christian in their faith, no matter what sect that Christianity is, have been primarily countries that are western nations, with the predominant power structure within those nations, resting most prominently in the hands of those that are considered to be Caucasian, and self-identify themselves as Caucasian.  So then, not too surprisingly, since religion is an awful big deal to a lot of people, those at the highest realms of power, are going to have a very strong preference to want to see the symbols of the de facto religion of their nation, personalized as looking similar to those that are in power.


This means, to the general disgrace of those that respect the Christian religion, in conjunction with all those purveyors of mass media of all sorts, such as movies, magazines, and television; all these for the most part, have predominantly portrayed Jesus as a white man, and very Caucasian looking.  Yet, there isn't any historical doubt that Jesus was born, raised, and died in the Middle East, of which, the most common complexion within the Middle East, involves some degree of swarthiness, so that, to see Jesus as whiter than white, especially within a time period when sunscreen was unheard of, and of which Jesus was known to have spent some time out in the sun, seems highly improbable.


So too, Holy Scripture, spends not an iota describing the looks of Jesus, whatsoever; although there are a few passages, that reference His looks, somewhat, such as in Isaiah 53:2, and perhaps Revelation 1: 14-15.  The fact that no time is spent on the looks of Jesus, should register very deeply within the psyche of each individual that respects the Christian religion, for the point of the fact that no description is offered, signifies that what Christ represents to each of us, is not the physical look, but the message, the spirit, the hope, the resurrection, and the wisdom.


While we are instructed not to worship idols, there is, in a world, in which, our eyes see so much, something to be said, to having a touchstone if not physically in front of us, at least in our mind, to sooth and to comfort us, especially in times of trouble.  This signifies that each of us that respects or are of the Christian faith should, as per our inclination, see Jesus in a personal way that will hold meaning to us.  This could thereby mean, that if we are black, we should and it could be argued, that we must see Jesus as black; so too, if we are brown, we should and it could be argued, that we must see Jesus as brown; and so on and so forth.  Additionally, for all those that are female, we should and it could be argued, that we must see Jesus as a kindred spirit of having the highest feminine qualities, which was best exemplified by His healing, His kindness, His consideration, and His love for everyone, especially the poor, vulnerable, lost and forsaken, and most especially of the little children.


All of the above signifies that if the symbols within your Church are not inclusive, of portraying our Jesus, as every man, and in harmony with every woman, then that Church needs to seriously consider amending its ways, for a pure white Jesus is a counterfeit Jesus, for Jesus is every color and none.