"The people made the Constitution, and the people can unmake it" / by kevin murray

The above quotation comes from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall from the Cohens v. Virginia case, and is just as apt today, as it was back in 1821. Further in the same case, he stated, "But this supreme and irresistible power to make or to unmake resides only in the whole body of the people, not in any subdivision of them." All of this clearly states the principle, that this is a body politic, of all the people, by all the people, and for all the people, and any case law that is inimical to the people, is in all probability, unconstitutional as law.


This then signifies that any laws that are created or exercised in a manner that unjustly favors one special group of people at the expense of the people as a whole, is in all likelihood, inimical to the Constitution and is thereby a pox upon this country.  It follows then, that the decisions in regards to the highest law of this land, the Constitution, must be consistent to that Constitution as it is, as opposed to being what a certain party or group of people, might prefer it to be.  For, if the Constitution, is presented to the Supreme Court of this land, of which that Supreme Court therefore makes it putty, for them to pull and play with it at their discretion, than that Constitution ceases to be of any true and lasting value.  So too, if the Executive branch of this country, issues executive orders, that effectively are utilized as an end around the legislative branch or judicial rulings, so too, those executive orders, should be seen as void and a nullity, in regards to Constitutional law.  Finally, if the legislature branch passes laws and bills, based or strongly influenced upon bribes, special interests, lobbyists, and special favors, of which the results of these new laws and bills effectively supersedes the authority of people, by those representatives undercutting the people's legitimate interests in order for those legislative representatives to better their own personal interest, so too, this is clearly unconstitutional.


There are, in this county, absolutely no just powers, unless those powers are executed by the people's representatives in a manner that those that are governed are so being governed by a rule of law that upholds their unalienable rights, and further that these laws in effect are specifically created for the good, happiness, and safety of the people.  Only under those conditions, are those laws legitimately created, and only under those conditions, has the implicit consent of the governed been so generated.


When any nation, even one of long standing, has corrupted itself in such a manner, that its governing document, means whatever the prevailing winds of the Supreme Court so desires it to mean; so too, when the Executive branch of that government, usurps legislative and judicial authority to create ipso facto laws that are for the benefit of the well placed and few; and finally when the legislative branch, passes laws that are so convoluted and labyrinth that nobody has bothered to read its pages, and that nobody has the time to debate, that effectively are passed into law so as to deliberately bypass spirited and public debate; than that country, that has a written Constitution, has seen that Constitution unmade, not by the people, but by a select and privileged group of people, that do whatever will benefit their position and power at the expense of those people, that they have all solemnly pledged to serve.