Why are there no superrich animals? / by kevin murray

In this world, there is only one being, that has the potential to become superrich, and that is the human being.  For instance, in the animal kingdom, while there may indeed be a hierarchy within a given animal pack, there isn't any kingdom or nation-state so to speak; though animals are known to be territorial, so that animals through their aggressiveness, strength, and tenacity, eventually sort themselves out into those that are leaders and those that are followers, of which, those that are the current head of the pack, will, as they age and are injured or become ill, be replaced in turn by a younger version of their own self.  What you do not see in the animal kingdom, is any one animal that is treated as an actual king or queen, where all the other animals pay that particular animal king or queen, tribute.  Pretty much, it can be said, animals have to work to get what they get, and those that are especially strong and dominant, have others that will work to placate and please them, to a certain extent, but usually within just that given animal pack; so that, while we might say that the lion is king of the jungle, few, other animals, actually pay any tribute to that lion king, though those other animals may very well try to stay out of its way.


On the other hand, mankind is clever, so clever that not only does mankind know how to utilize strong animals as beasts of burden, but rightly or wrongly, they are quite successful at exploiting and utilizing other people as pretty much the same sort of thing.  This also means, that there is a limit as to how many people are going to be able to be superrich, and that limit is going to be relatively few, because there is only so much wealth that a man can produce off of animals and land, itself.  This so means also that additional concentrated super wealth is going to necessitate, in most circumstances, treating one's fellow man as subservient to that person who knows how to expertly work the angles, work the government, and work the justice arm in a way that the game is grossly tilted to one man's particular favor, and disfavors virtually everyone else.


For instance, one of the most profitable ways to become superrich, is to utilize other people's money in the sense of their monetary investment into your corporation or business development, in which by eventually going public, well positioned companies are able to instantly create a public stock market capitalization in the billions, and thereby those with a high percentage ownership position, become superrich.  Then, in order to maintain their superrich status, those billions of dollars are utilized in a focus manner in which competitors are bought or merged into the parent corporation, consolidating money and power into one corporate hand; which benefits those privileged few at an outrageously very high rate.  As for those that purchase or utilize the product or service so being sold, because they are dealing with a monopoly in fit, form, and function, means that they are going to have to pay more than what they would pay if there was actual vibrant competition; so that, done often enough over a very wide customer base, means that the privileged superrich few, will extract or exploit from others, extra dollars that will go into their pockets, at the expense of all others.