The real reason why you will ever have the poor amongst you / by kevin murray

We read in Holy Scripture: "For you always have the poor with you…" (John 12: 8), which was true back in the time of Christ, and sadly, is all so true in today's modern age, in which never has there been so much material prosperity as currently exists worldwide.  Yet, as reported in,  ”…more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day…" and "805 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat."  The facts do not lie, though there is wealth all around us of an almost unimaginable scale, so too, there is poverty at astonishingly high levels, which is to mankind's great shame, for the poverty that exists, is for the most part, part and parcel of the very few that own so much at the expense of billions of those that have virtually nothing.


The thing about money, property, and assets, is that all of these things are a very vibrant form of power; for those that have, have enthralled to them, those that do not.  This signifies that the real reason why there are so many poor people has far less to do with them being lazy, shiftless, and indolent, but rather far more to do with landowners, business owners, and political party bosses, owning every square inch of space, and renting out what they own at a rate that the poor cannot afford to save any money from; in fact, they often become indebted, while also providing employment to the poor at wages low enough, that this will keep the poor, poor.


The thing about the few owning the lion's share of assets has a lot to do, with the superrich needing to be in a position, in which the masses of mankind are dependent upon them for their very livelihood as well as being dependent upon them for a place to rest their weary heads.   All of this, from the perspective of the superrich is necessary, for the lack of food, the lack of shelter, the lack of employment, and the lack of capital, means that the very poor are dependent upon the powers to be in order to maintain their very existence, as bleak as that may well be; and if that dependence upon the superrich was to disappear, than the control and manipulation of those that have little or nothing, would also disappear, and with that, real revolution, would not be far behind.


So too, the poor are necessary, just as slavery, was necessary, because to profit off of the labor of others, is a grand way to get very, very rich, without having to individually labor, for the superrich are all about having their food, entertainment, and shelter provided directly to them; with the right attitude and without them having to lift a finger, except perhaps to ring a bell or to make favorable financial transactions via the internet. 


The poor are there as a continual service to the superrich, for their exploitation is the game in which the poor cannot ever get ahead, and the justice/policing arm of the state is there to service the superrich and to make sure that the poor are always under control and passive.  The real reason why the poor will ever be amongst us, is because the superrich find that to be the easiest way to maintain their station, by essentially exploiting all others in a game of three-card Monte, in which the sucker believes that the game is actually on the up and up, whereas instead it is a game that is totally rigged, of which, there can only be one winner, and all the others, must therefore lose.