Why do we work? / by kevin murray

One of the most important things in life is to basically prove that we have a brain and are capable of independent and perceptive thinking demonstrated by the successful utilization of that brain in meaningful action.  It therefore follows that one of the most important words to know in life is why, and behind the word why, should be some considerable contemplation, thinking, and asking, so as to supersede mere rote learning and indoctrination, and thereby to become a truly free will individual.


Just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean that is the best way to do that thing, or the most appropriate way to do that thing, or even that whatever it is, should be done in that manner.  A case in point, of upmost importance, is the very concept of work, of which, most lives are fundamentally based not really around family, not really around society, not really about what we like or prefer, but basically around work, and from that work, the getting of money. 


This signifies that before we go down that career path of work, and all that is involved in regards to commitment, schooling, training, time, and stress that it would behoove most everyone to actually think about what we are signing up for in the first place, and the true purpose behind our involvement with it.  For some people, this type of thinking isn't really necessary, because they just know that each of us has to work, because that is the way that it is done, has been done, and always will be done; whereas for others, they may not have even considered that there were options other than work, but life, in almost every circumstance presented to us, does have options.


For a lot of people, when boiled down to its very essence and core, the primary purpose of work, is to make money, so that a very simple formula is thereby created which is work, provides money, and money is necessary in order to successfully live some sort of life.  The former may be true but in order to examine it more fully, a given individual, might also wonder if there was another way to obtain money or its equivalency that didn't necessitate work; or something that was equivalent to work but that was so fulfilling or desirable, it didn't really feel like work; or whether what is necessary in life, even requires work as we know it.


This means, that we need to truly understand what it is that we really need or desire, first; and then from there, determine as to whether work is thereby the best or the only answer to those needs and desires.  That is to say, intuitively we must understand, that to say that we were born to work, doesn't ring true; but rather, most people, would substantially agree that we have an absolute need and desire to find, create, or hunt for food and water for sustenance, to socialize well with others, as well as a need for shelter in order to survive and to sustain ourselves.


The above would seem to say, that work as the be all and end all of life, isn't correct, but rather, it is our need and desire to sustain our body, provide or assist with our community, and to have a safe place to rest, that are often the true driving forces behind any one meaningful life.  Therefore to the extent that work as currently structured, can provide us with those needful things, that is a good and valid reason to work; beyond that, though, there are many more options that really should be thought about, investigated and explored.