Pharmaceutical Nation / by kevin murray

As reported by  the book, Dark Ages, America:  “children in the united states now receive four times as many psychiatric drugs as children in all the other countries of the world combined.”  It would be one thing if all these psychiatric drugs produced better students, better grades, better SAT and ACT scores, healthier children, and a better America, but all the evidence to date, shows either the very opposite or, no improvement, whatsoever.


Of course, the medical and psychiatric industry wants people to believe that because of the advancement in knowledge and understanding of the human psyche, that this dramatic increase in prescription drugs is all for the better, because the children need it, in order to properly function in this world.  If, psychiatric drugs actually had the same sort of efficacy as inoculations which clearly save lives and are necessary, than those that prescribe psychiatric drugs should be commended and applauded; but, the prescription of drugs, especially the prescription of psychiatric drugs over an extended period of time, of which, the beginning of such a prescription is initiated while the recipient is still an adolescent or even younger, merits a comprehensive, thorough, and detail review by independent authorities, as opposed to some sort of blind and meek acceptance, that these drugs are an absolute good, when, in fact, they almost assuredly are not.


While the blame for all these psychiatric drugs can be laid at many feet, such as the medical industry, credulous parents, and the pharmaceutical companies, the easiest way to find where the primary blame lies, is simply to follow the money, and that money clearly shows that pharmaceutical companies makes millions upon millions in the selling and distribution of psychiatric drugs, and the doctors that prescribe them, or over-prescribe them, are absolutely complicit in the whole affair.


America has been duped by the pharmaceutical industry, which is a mufti-billion dollar profit-based industry that insists that for every little problem, real or unreal, that there is always a solution that is just around the corner, which a little prescribed pill, at a profitable price, will alleviate.  The fact is that life necessitates challenges, heartbreaks, and things that upset people, young as well as old.  Additionally, children that are labeled as “problem children” or “hyperactive” or any other label, which pins these children as being out of the norm, and therefore necessitating prescription medicine is usually not going to actually resolve the problem, but rather masks the problem, or creates a new and worst problem, or simply tries to solve a problem, which will actually solve itself, over a given period of time.


If, the medical profession, in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry, were regulated in the sense, that their incentives were aligned with the patients that they see, then, for an almost certainty, less psychiatric medicine would be prescribed.  However, instead, the pharmaceutical industry literally makes their dollars by pushing prescribed pills on children as well as adults, of which these pills, are given the aura of being necessary or good, by virtue of the fact that they are medically prescribed, but the results of all these prescriptions indicates that this story is an absolute deception.