Corporate lies: "Don't be evil" / by kevin murray

Public corporations are primarily in the business to benefit their investors, stockholders, Board of Directors, the Executive office, as well as their employees.  Additionally, public companies that are traded on the stock exchange are very cognizant of the fact that their growth, profitability, earnings, gross margin, and future projections, absolutely matters to those that have invested their money into that corporation.


As might be expected, corporations that are under the tight control of management, and especially those corporations that are privately held, are able to perform and to do actions within that corporation that the outside world will typically not have much of a material impact upon, because these corporations are often privately held, and thereby answer primarily to just those owners, for better or for worse. So too, by definition, non-profit corporations and non-profit institutions, by virtue of the fact that they are not in business to make a profit, but rather are in business to provide a service, typically are companies that do not need worry about making their quarterly numbers, because their mission statement is something that supersedes being measured by money.  On the other hand, public corporations, despite how lofty or noble their mission statement may sound on paper, and despite well-meaning souls within that corporation, recognize explicitly and implicitly that the fact that they are public entities with investors and stockholders that demand performance, intuitively recognize that these are the people that they need to please, which often puts immense pressure on their lofty and noble mottos.


Corporations such as Google, which for a long period of time had the corporate code of "don't be evil," perhaps meant well when they took on such a code, but to believe that in practice, that is how Google actually behaves in fit, form, and function, would be to deliberately deceive one self, for Google makes an incredible amount of money, essentially off of advertising, and all those billions of dollars that comes into Google's hands from advertising, is the end result of the gargantuan amount of personalized information that it has on each of its users, which it has aggregated, analyzed, processed, stored, and sold so that ads can be generated for its users that are specific to that user, which is what advertisers absolutely desire.


While it might not sound like evil, to merely passively store information about individual users, that isn't really the actual case, for that information is deliberately analyzed and thereupon distributed to advertisers specifically so that they can sell their wares to their intended target audience, thereupon allowing Google to make their billions.  Additionally, information is power, and every Google product allows Google to know more about that user, of which, that information could easily be transferred to other agencies or companies for a price, or could at some point be compelled to be provided to the national government, so that government could thereby control, manipulate, and penalize individuals within that country; of which, a disingenuous company, might still somehow say, that they themselves did no evil, but the fact is that those that create things that in the wrong hands could create all sorts of oppressive, diabolical, and evil things, without doing everything in their power to preclude such, are themselves, evil.