The unvarnished truth / by kevin murray

Most people have a very strong tendency to see themselves in a more positive light then they really are; not necessarily because they have blinders on, but more often, because they are far more generous in forgiving their own sins and faults, as well as seeing their intentions in a manner that reflects favorably upon them.  Perhaps, in its own way, this is good, but only in the sense that mankind has enough oppression and heartache to deal with on a daily basis, that to overburden one's conscience, may indeed be a burden that is too heavy to handle in everyday life.  Yet, truth is truth, and those that take something that isn't really truth and pretend or actually believe that it really is truth, have deceived themselves, for no real good purpose.


In point of fact, mankind does not challenge itself enough to verify that what they are doing, thinking, and accomplishing is actually of real import, but rather, too often, mankind simply does things because that is the way that those things have always been done, or they have been taught that way to get things done, or simply because that is the way that they want to get things done.  All of this, misses the very point, which is, there is nothing more important than actually doing, thinking, and accomplishing things correctly and for the correct purpose, of which, this takes appropriate forethought, in addition, to the strength of character to change things, even things of long standing, to align to what it really ought and should be.


Rather, far too many people, justify what they are and what they are doing, so as to make themselves look better than what they really are; as if fooling their fellow sojourner, signifies that they also have fooled their Creator.  Unfortunately, this sort of outlook, is debilitating, for all those that bend right and truth to their selfish version of those things, have not actually changed right or truth at all; but have created a construct in which they falsely believe that they have done correctly, but have not, and further, deep down in their conscience, they know that they have not.


The bottom line is that those that do right and are right in their purpose, welcome wholeheartedly the unvarnished truth to be in their midst, for this is exactly what they are about.  On the other hand, those whose purpose has the aura of right but are not right, most certainly fear the exposure that the unvarnished truth will display about them, and to clearly face that truth, is often something that will ultimately humble them in a manner that they previously have never reckoned with.


There are many people that believe or profess to believe that all they want is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, of which, the truth of the matter is, they want that truth exposed only for others; for when that scintillating spotlight actually turns and thereby does shine directly upon them, exposing the shocking truth of who and what they really are, this will have them scurrying for the shadows just as fast as they can run, for in reality, they cannot handle the unvarnished truth about themselves.