You are the master of your senses / by kevin murray

All of us have senses such as sight, smell, and sound, of which many people don't seem to comprehend that they are the masters of those senses and should not allow themselves to be enslaved by their senses, for the mind is the builder of all things, and the mind is the master of all senses.  Yet, many people believe that if they are hungry, they must eat, and if they are sleepy, they must sleep; but as logical as that might sound, it should not be accepted as dogma and fix, for it is not.


If you truly believe that your body is supposed to be your master and you further believe that you have an obligation therefore to obey it, or behave as if that is true, than every time that your body demands something, you will, as much as you are able, give in to it.  The mistake in doing so, is to allow the physical to dictate to the mental, and therefore to allow the physical to rule the mind, and those that vacate their good mind and their common sense for the physical and its senses, time and time again, live within a construct of which whatever their senses want, that is what they will get, without consciously considering the consequences or the rightness or wrongness of those actions.


Those that allow their senses to predominant over their mind are the very same people that will often find that the decisions that they make are ultimately inimical for them and for society at large.  That is to say, those that take items without thinking about whether they should take those items, are acting upon their sense impulses, so that, more times than not, this ultimately leads to taking something that clearly does not belong to them, which is an act of thievery.  So too, those that give in to lust, will, more times than not, eventually find themselves in a situation in which they have allowed that lust, to encroach upon others or upon common decency, to their dismay and ill consequences.


The senses that we have are necessary in order for the physical body to cohabitate and to exist in a physical world and in a competent manner; but those senses in whole, are akin to a wild horse, and it is our responsibility to put a saddle and a bridle upon that horse, in order for that powerful animal, to behave per our commands, and per our dictates, so that the horse and the rider become united in purpose.    Our senses should appropriately be under the control of the mind, for it is the very mind itself, utilized properly, which separates the animal kingdom from sentient human beings.


Those that are overly sense dependent, live lives in which their satisfaction and happiness is constantly fleeting, for the senses are never satiated, but for a moment, and even a great physical body, will over time, ultimately slow down and degenerate to the utter frustration and hopelessness of the one that is sense dependent.  On the other hand, those that have successfully mastered their senses, recognize that they are ultimately not the physical body, in fact, they are cognizant that they are not even dependent upon the physical body for their existence; but rather, comprehend fully that their essence is beyond physical limitations, beyond even time and space, for they are eternal, temporarily housed within a physical sphere, but ever free of its sense rules and limitations.