The true purpose of good government / by kevin murray

The true purpose of any good government is to create an institution that is the appropriate and the worthy representation of the people, by the people, and for the people.  This means that laws and the structure of that government ideally should be set so that all have a seat at the table of opportunity; and that therefore those that are burdened are forthwith unburdened, and that those are weighed down by oppression are therefore unoppressed, and that those that are obstructed from a fair path to success have those obstacles therefore removed, and that those that have been denied a fair start to the race of life are forthwith provided with the tools and the conscious help by that government to overcome an unfair beginning, so that through this and the assistance by that government all are given a fair chance to excel.


The true purpose of any good government is not to favor the few at the expense of the many, nor is to allow those favored with being born into wealth and privilege, being provided with an unassailable economic and privileged lead over all others.  So too, the laws of that land, should not be essentially the best justice that money can buy, but rather should be justice equally applied to all, of which, none should be accorded to be in the position of being above the law, or undue favoritism of that law.


The true purpose of any good government is not for that government to allow businesses and corporations to essentially become of more importance than humanity, itself; by allowing those said corporations to essentially monopolize salient areas of important commerce by buying out or merging with (without even an appropriate debate or public discussion) competitors and all others that could possibly interfere with their profit; but rather that governments should and must acknowledge that the tendency of big corporations is to grow so large, that they become too big for any government to regulate and thereby to control, so that, these corporations instead do what is best for those corporations, under the guise that such is good for the people of the government that so represents them.


The true purpose of any good government is to educate their people so that they will not misunderstand their sacred responsibility to that government, of which, their first responsibility is to be the watchmen of the tower of liberty, freedom, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness.  This means that those people must hold their government representatives accountable for their inability and their failure to protect the very values that make this a great nation, and to assure that this generation as well as all future generations are able to avail themselves of the opportunity to be born into the last best hope of mankind, and to do right by those that gave their last dying breath so that this would be that legacy for all.


The true purpose of any good government is to be true and faithful to those people, to do right to those people, and to understand that the duty of any good government is to have the courage and might to do that duty, to the end of time, come what may.