“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" -- Voltaire / by kevin murray

There are those that are physically imprisoned and incarcerated within a facility that truly does control their comings and their limited goings; yet, despite the chains that these prisoners wear, some of them are more free than those that live on the outside, of which those "free" people have an abundance of choices that they could avail themselves of, but for whatever reason, instead choose to enchain themselves to things such as domestic misery, job anguish, weight embarrassment, and dreams annihilated.


While many a person, will claim that the chains that they appear to have upon them, are not of their volition, and not of their own choice, their behavior belies that story, for a person that truly wants to escape from their chains to the exclusion of all else, will not leave even the smallest of stones, unturned.  In reality, many people throughout their lives won't even bother to test their chains as to its strength and its possible vulnerabilities, but rather blithely accept such, because those chains represent their crutch which can be utilized again and again as their excuse for accepting their lot in life.


Additionally, there are scores of people that wear the chains that they have forged upon their body, as their own personal badge of honor.  They are the first to proclaim over and over again, but if not for these chains, or disadvantages, the world would be their oyster; and yet despite it all they have gamely soldiered on to do the best that they can do, even with this heavy handicap; never seeming to realize that the key needed to unlock those chains, has actually always been in their own hands to begin with.


The reason that so many people revere their chains, is the same reason why people like to avoid facing the whole truth of the matter, because by hiding behind excuses and stuttering words, they can appear to be helpless victims of an arbitrary world, when, in fact, more times than not, the control and responsibility of what does or does not happen, significantly rests in each person's own hands.  While it is true that some people are born with handicaps and chains upon them, it is also true, that through sheer will power and perseverance, those chains, or at least most of those chains, can be broken or mitigated.


Those that revere their chains, are the same people, that take some sort of comfort in vaguely complaining about the way things are, but without wanting to truly test the waters to effect change; because they do not wish to risk whatever creature comforts that they currently have, no matter, how modest; or their current known situation for something that is either unknown or would require real sweat labor. 


Each person forges or alternatively frees themselves from the chains that they have upon them.  Those that will not make a conscious and concerted effort to free themselves from the chains that bind them -- ultimately are, in their own way, slaves.  Those self-enslaved people do not wish for freedom, they do not wish for liberty, they do not wish for anything much other than whatever peace of mind that they already have.  These then are fools, for they have cheaply sold their souls and their life, for a little bit of something, when they could and should have had, oh, so much more.