Don't buy where you can't work / by kevin murray


Boycotts can be extremely effective against businesses and industries that are dependent upon, all races, creeds, and genders purchasing or utilizing their products, for very few businesses and industries have an interest in turning down dollars from those that wish to procure what they are selling.   Boycotts that took in account, that black people, for instance, were denied employment or fair opportunity, have been a part of social protest since 1929, and were an integral part of the foundation that created the civil rights movement, which culminated in the success of that movement in the 1960s.


However, despite legislation which has been in effect for decades, stipulating that discrimination is not legally permitted to exist in America, and despite legislation such as affirmative action, and all other progressive legislation passed to be of benefit for those that have historically been left behind, or denied fair opportunity, America, quite clearly, is a country in which, the dominant power is still contained with the dominant race of that country, which is white.  While, that should come as no big surprise, for those in power, seldom voluntarily relinquish it; it is important to keep on shining the illuminating light upon institutions that clearly favor some, at the expense of the many, as well as to fight back in non-violent ways that will effect change, against hiring practices that are discriminatory and are wrong.


In the kingdom of capitalism, no country stands taller than America, so that, the very best way to make an impact upon that kingdom is quite obviously to hit them back where it really hurts, and that is in their wallet.  Everybody in America has some degree of money, and everybody in America, has choices as to where and how that they spend that money, of which, while small amounts of money may not appear to matter much, when those small amounts of money are multiplied against all those millions of people that have so little; the amounts in play become enormous, which literally amounts to billions upon billions of dollars, and where those dollars go, most definitely, matters.


That is to say, before a person spends their money, a fair question to ask in a country that is supposed to be the epitome of fairness, is whether or not that business or institution represents a place in which, the people that work there, from the executive office, to middle management, to the average employee, represents people that are recognizable, from your community, or from your school, or from your background.  In addition, the question should be asked as to whether that particular business or institution is hiring or has hired people from your community, or from your school, or from your background.


If, in fact, these businesses have not hired from your community, and do not care to hire from that community, and pretty much run their institution as a place that will not and does not represent a place that you or similar people can work at, then they quite obviously are not deserving of your business, so then, as much as it is possible, they should be boycotted, until such a time that they constructively create conditions for people of your community to not only get hired, but to actually hire them.


After all, if you can't work there, why would you ever want to actually buy there?