Hell and You / by kevin murray

The bottom line is that whether or not you believe in hell or not, will not and does not change the fact as to whether hell exists or not, because you are not the arbiter of such an existence.  So too, many people have many different opinions of what hell is or what it represents, of which some of these have validity, but still fall short of the complete truth. 


In point of fact, hell exists, and whether you go to hell or not, is controlled by your actual essence.  There are many that feel that whether they go to hell or not, is controlled by their faith, so that their faith in God, and their rebuking of their former self or of their sins, will thereby wholly absolve them of their former sins and therefore they will not suffer the punishment of hell.  Perhaps this belief will be effective for certain people, but it certainly won't be effective for all people, for words are words, and deeds are deeds, and true beliefs are not necessarily the same as professed beliefs.


In truth, hell exists for all those that insist that they and they alone, are the master of the universe.  That is to say, those that truly believe that their mind, that their thinking, and that their deeds, which is all built around themselves, is the be all and end all of life.  So that, their desire and their mindset is that they live to themselves, think only of their own, and owe no obligation or debt to any other being, but to themselves. This type of thinking which is centered on the philosophy that all that matters is that person, and all else is thereby not relevant, of which, then, their highest good is their own selfishness is hell.


Of course, many people aren't quite so dogmatic in this way of thinking, but nevertheless, their thinking centers around their ego and their personal desires to the virtually exclusion of all else, so that, they must have their own way, because that fulfills their needs, and in order to get their own way, if they need to do a few morally questionable things, they worry not about it.   Further, they believe that the highest good is taking care of themselves, of which, their belief is that all others should have the same sort of self-centered belief, never seeming to recognize, that if everyone is out just for themselves, the ultimate result can only be tragedy for all of the very worst order.


There is but one truth, a truth that is consistent, just, fair, universal, and bends not to man's will, so that the greatest quest that all mankind has is to find this truth, live to this truth, and testify to this truth, of which, the non-recognition that there is one Supreme immutable God, is the fundamental lie that leads to the wrong belief that therefore there is no universal moral law, that therefore truth is subjective depending upon the circumstances, and that therefore nobody needs to answer to anyone other than themselves, subject to man's arbitrary law. 


It is your mind, so do what you will, but recognize that all that believe that they are sovereign unto themselves and thereby owe no tribute to the Creator of it all, live now in hell, and will continue to do so, until they live in truth.