The downfall of ignoring the All Important One / by kevin murray

We are told that we live in a secular world, which seems to be becoming more secular by the minute, demonstrated in more and more public spheres, as well as often being propagated within our family life and values, and definitely is part and parcel of our public educational systems, of which our Creator, of whom, we receive our unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has now become nearly fully cast aside, as being irrelevant, and mythical, rather than being real and very pertinent.


For those that do not believe in our Creator, or behave in a manner that bespeaks of their non-belief, perhaps all is good, or even very, very good, but nothing in this temporal world lasts forever, and so the hard work that is done in your endeavors in the workplace, will eventually come to an end.  So too, the social events and parties, and just living the good life, will reach their inevitable conclusions, whether having run their course, or by lack of interest, or by just getting really old, the curtain will come down.


So through it all, whether you have had the best of the best, or a really good time, pretty good, or whether things have been fairly rocky or worse, all of these things will reach their endpoints.  Additionally, trouble has a way of rearing its ugly head at all sorts of inconvenient times, adversely impacting virtually everyone at some eventual time, so that those that have been ignoring the Creator but enjoying the creation, will find themselves invariably facing some sort of trouble.


While some people in their rough and troubled times will curse the gods for their troubles; many others that are suffering greatly will often find themselves reaching out and desiring not just to contact God, but to have that God respond to them in a meaningful and poignant way so as to ease them through the troubles that they are experiencing, desiring greatly that God responds to their sorrowful calls, thereby making things better.


The thing is, if you have basically been ignoring God in all manners, large and small, it doesn't seem right or even realistic that somehow God would now instantly respond to your pleading cries, because having allowed the sands of time to ignore this great Personage to such an extent, than your pathway to God has no doubt, become overgrown with weeds and significant underbrush, effectively blocking the Way.


When you treat this life as if those living here are living gods, answering to no outside power, and then when troubles come, you expect help from the very power that you have previously thumbed your nose at, that help probably isn't going to arrive instantly, not because God does not care, for God never stops caring, no matter your offense or ignorance, but rather, because of your previous unbelief.  Those that have lost or ignored the faith do not all of a sudden rediscover it, for that takes both real dedication and dedicated time, further, God is never your little errand boy, for God is omniscient and omnipotent, but God will for a certainty respond to you, for you need only listen to that still small voice inside.