Social Status and One-upmanship / by kevin murray

Those that have the money and the power almost always find a necessity to prove their superiority over those that do not have these things, of which, since human beings all essentially look the same without their clothes on, this means that one way to signify such a difference is that you must wear clothes that clearly help to establish your status.  Of course, that's one part, for you also require all the appropriate accompanying accouterments of your social station in life, such as your home size and location, car make and model, schooling and tutors, servants or robots to cater to your needs, and so on and so forth.


History tells us that back in simpler times, one of the most prized possessions of those that were above it all, was a horse.  Not only was a horse the status symbol, but a horse, because of its power, speed, and strength, was absolutely invaluable in battles of all sorts, clearly providing a far superior advantage over those that had no transport, in addition to the fact that the mobility of such a horse, made it far easier to adjudge and to adjust to the conditions of any particular armed combat, skirmish, or civil unrest.


Additionally, those that rode a horse, did not tire the way that their laborers would tire that were compelled to use their own brawn as well as available hand tools so as to till the land or to service crops, which instilled among the common laborers the rather obvious observation of the superiority of he who has mastered the horse. 


So too, as man advanced, the automobile replaced the horse in fit and function, becoming the new status symbol, of which, because cars were not physical animals, they did not require either rest or food, though they did require fuel of some sort as well as maintenance, but with the advent of the car, those that had, were able to more easily travel and get about in ways and in a comfort that did not formerly exist.


The bottom line is that social status has been since time immemorial something that those that have the money and the power clearly wish to display as to their superiority, but also usually doubles as being  quite functional as well.  In short, the rich has the best of both worlds, and even when the other classes are able to somewhat imitate the rich, they are not only always trying to catch up, but their imitation is often clearly a cut below.


Additionally, every time that there is a seismic change in the development of something really revolutionary and new, it is the rich and the connected that get their hands on it first.  So that, whether it is self-autonomous vehicles, drones, rocket ships to Mars, or whatever, it is those that are part of the elite that these products first gravitate to, for it isn't good enough for them to just have all of the money and just to have all of the power, because in reality they want to make sure that you really do know that they are all that, and you are not.