The fear of college educated parents and the draft / by kevin murray

The United States, despite its vast military numbers, has not had to avail itself of an actual draft, or conscription since 1973, and if it was to bring back the draft, especially a draft with little or few deferment categories, because it was no longer able to find enough volunteers for its service, the protests by those subjected to being called up, in addition to their parents would be at absolutely vociferous levels, previously unprecedented, which is probably why this would be the very last resort of the United States government.


There is a tendency to believe that those subjected to a draft, such as the young men, that were drafted into the Vietnam war would be the biggest protestors of such an unwelcomed re-introduction of a draft, and quite obviously, they pretty much would be, however, unlike the parents of those that are being drafted, young men, are far more tolerant of risk than older adults, and hence, far more susceptible to actually fulfilling their obligation to serve. 


On the other hand, there is a group of Americans, that are very well educated,  sometimes designated as the intelligentsia, of which these people, having children,  to a very high degree, are totally against their children being drafted in any way, form, or manner, and would not under any circumstances, subject their children to even the possibility of being drafted, which is a significant reason, why drafts, have almost always had exemptions for certain people, such as those that are college students, graduate students, along with certain civilian occupations that excludes such as, for example, doctors, dentists, proprietors of businesses essential to the community,  scientists, engineers, and so forth. 


The most obvious reason as to why the intelligentsia, as well as a very high percentage of all those that are college educated do not want their children to be subjected to a draft, is the fact that these people, even when involved in professions that may directly or indirectly benefit from war activities, know comprehensively, that their children are not born, then nurtured, developed, and educated, so as to become subsequently human fodder for the state by their sacrifice, but that rather their children are meant to be the beneficiaries of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for these special young adults cannot and should not have to risk their own lives, for they were are meant for higher things.


These well educated parents would not and could not allow their children to be drafted, because, quite clearly their construct of the world, see their children as being better, especially in comparison to all those other common children, and that therefore in regards to things such as war, it is for those others to be brave and to possibly die, as well as for those others to make sacrifices as necessary, rather than their children, for their children are special, and should not be subjected to something as primitive and as dangerous as war.


So that, when thinking about equality in America as well as social stratification, you need not look any further, than analyzing who is and who is not conscripted in a time of war, to understand, that those that are drafted have no power, and those that are not drafted, have it all.