Knowledge and your own undoing / by kevin murray

Knowledge is most definitely a form of power, so that the more knowledge that you do have, the more potential power is actually in your hands.  This means that as in anything that you do, those that are responsible, and utilize their power responsibility are doing right by having that power, and those that do not, are either doing wrong by having that power or are not as cognizant as they should be about the impact of the power that they do have.  While, it can be said, that the knowledge is yours to do with whatever that you so desire to do with it, especially in consideration that you applied yourself hard to acquire and to develop that knowledge, it also has to be said, that the consequences of the misuse of such knowledge is also your responsibility. 


That is to say, that to take the position, that all is fair in the way that you apply your knowledge, as long as you don't violate or seem to violate any manmade laws, this is almost for a certainty, going to be decision, that will be regretted, for having not properly understood the responsibility that comes with such knowledge, and such power.


For instance, there are people that are quite gifted at math or physics or any of the scientific arts in a manner in which when these people align with institutions that see the value of the knowledge that these individuals possess as well as these institutions having access to money, research, and the very latest equipment, in addition to having other very knowledgeable staff within those departments, great discoveries and breakthroughs can and will occur. 


The thing is, not every discovery or breakthrough is even on a cursory level, for the benefit of mankind, but rather some of these discoveries and breakthroughs are most definitely not for the betterment of mankind, though the narrative of such may be spun in a manner to try to give the illusion that they are.  Then again, some corporations do make it rather obvious, that they are simply about the money, and whatever increases profit and/or growth, means more money for those in control, or more prestige, or more power, or more stockholder value, and so on, so that the lust for money and its equivalencies seldom lines up well with good ethical principles.


So, those with great knowledge, have the capability of helping to invent great medical equipment that will save and extend the quality of human life, as well as having the same sort of capability, that builds instruments that are extremely effective and lethal in the taking of human life.  Those two things, are obviously not the same, and while people, in general, can make all sorts of justifications about just about anything, the thing is, when you are the brain behind weapons that are more effective at killing people, at best, you are serving your country in a time of need, and at worse, you are contributing to the indiscriminate killing of human life.


The fact that you have really good knowledge, and especially that specialized knowledge, makes you exceeding well versed in a particular area that most people are wholly or mainly ignorant about. This knowledge, though, should not be looked upon as yours to do with any way that you so desire, without taking into account the consequences for others. Those that are irresponsible with their knowledge are quite adept at making excuses and justifications, but all this does not preclude that knowledge misused creates its own destruction and your ultimate undoing.