Parents, children, punishment, danger, and social media activity / by kevin murray

Parents deal with insubordination and wrong behavior with their children in a lot of different ways, of which, the one that clearly has fallen out of favor in modern times is to send the child to their room as a form of isolation and therefore punishment.  The problem with that strategy and why that hasn't worked in quite a while is that is exactly where way too many children spend all of their time, anyway.  The thing is when children are in their room, they aren't actually isolated, because of the internet, social media, and their cell phone, of which, many of them actually prefer to be in their room, to begin with.


This means that today's method of punishing a child, is taking away the privileges of having internet access, cell phone usage, and social media posting, of which, so many children when they do not have these things readily available to them, feel that they are Luddites, in some way, form, or manner.  Whether that resolves the problem behavior as a form of punishment, is debatable, but it just seems really strange that children, when being punished, aren't sent to their rooms anymore, but are compelled, instead, to come out of them and to maybe go outside and play.


It would seem that parents as a matter of course, should not only have set aside time to have a family meal at dinnertime, in which each person talks a little bit about their day, but they also need to have some time set aside, in which everybody puts up their phones and other distracting devices so that a conversation can ensue between everybody, because if a family really isn't interacting between one another, then that family isn't growing closer together, in fact, they are separating from one another, and not behaving as a cohesive whole.


In addition, though the outside world is still a potentially very dangerous place, that danger is typically no longer initiated outside the home, but rather that danger is often started first within the house because of the internet which enables youngsters to be in touch with just about any character throughout the entire world as well as within their own community, of which, those that want to exploit or to take advantage of children have never had it so good, because they can easily impersonate or be whomever that they want to be in order to lure a child out into the public for their bad intent.


It never has been easy being a parent or a child, and today's hi-technology world has made it even more challenging, of which, part of that challenge is for everyone to spend less time with their devices of all sorts and to spend more time with each other, actually engaged in real conversations about real and meaningful things, because, it is way too easy for children to step into their own world, of which they are no longer forthcoming with their parents about what is really going on, but instead, having tuned out their parents and replaced such with their internet friends, of which, some of these are very bad people with very bad intent, indeed.