Truth and untruth / by kevin murray

We hear all sorts of talk about "fake news", as if somehow this is some new phenomena, but news has always been faked or manipulated or propagandized by those that want to control the narrative, whether they are the ones in power, or the ones trying to obtain that power, or those that have their own agenda that they are promoting.  The fact of the matter is that in matters, large and small, we are surrounded by people and organizations that deliberately lie, try to manipulate us, and try to deceive us.  In fact, the bottom line is that truth is a commodity that is almost always in short supply, whereas trying to fool and cheat someone under the false pretenses of being honest and objective seems to always be in high supply.


The only real good thing about all the recent press about fake news, is that perhaps it has awoken some people or some organizations, of which they need to be far less credulous and far more investigative about things that are spoken and written about, for the lies and untruths keeping on coming, and with all the technology that is available to people and organizations, today, it has never been easier to take on the aura of truth, and the appearance of truth, whereas in actuality, fundamentally in essence, so many are not about truth.


The reason why people and organizations want to try to make it appear that they are telling the truth is that those that believe in the narrative being so spun, are far easier to lead into the places of which those propagating the stories want them to go, and the more bodies or market share that you have of those that have bought what you have been selling, the more power that you have; so that, for those that believe that what they have been told is the truth, they are always going to be far more willing to go further in whatever direction that truth so directs them, mainly because truth and righteousness pretty much go together.


On the other hand, somewhat ironically, those that are peddling untruths, are quite aware of those that know the truth, and these people present a clear and present danger to them, because the more transparent real truth is and the more it is freely available to all, and especially to those that are of influence, the bigger the problem for those that do not disseminate truth.   That is to say, when the narrative is no longer controlled or has fallen out of the control of those telling lies, which has now been thoroughly exposed as such to the public, than the blowback to them can be catastrophic.


This so indicates that corrupt organizations, whether they be the government, corporations, media companies, and all those that work closely with them do not want those that are listening to them, or obeying them, to ever really dig beneath the surface, but that is exactly what needs to be done in order to set things right, for untruth cannot handle the disinfectant of pure sunlight, for that removes the dross of falsehood, and what is left, if there is anything left, is the truth.